Mar 22, 2022

When to use prepositions IN, ON & AT

Use preposition IN 1) an enclosed space 2) in a large place with boundaries. City or Country 3) bodies of water= sea, river, lakes, swimming pool 4) liquids= blood, oil, wine, coffee, milk 5) printed materials 6) in small vehicles. Use preposition ON 1) on a surface 2) floors of building 3) internet and other electronics devices 4) online platform 5) on transportations where you can stand and walk freely 6) a small and open mode of transportation Use preposition AT 1) at an exact position 2) events or gathering 3) exact addresses 4) public places and shops 5) places where we do typical or regular things

Quiz 1) They live __10 Aguila Street, Tanjay City Philippines. 2) There's already so much creamer __ my tea. 3) That spider __ the wall creeps me out. 4) We always have to speak English __ work. 5) Look at her red dress! It looks good __her, doesn't it?

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