Feb 24, 2022

Useful Phrases in English: Dialogue


💥 Thank you. That helps a lot. ▶️You can use it in many other situations, too. ✅A: Ben, could you please make the font bigger? It is hard for me to read the words. ✅B: Sure! I will change it from size 10 to 16. How is this? ✅A: Thank you. That helps a lot.

💥 (Oh,) never mind. ▶️When you say this phrase slowly with a falling, low tone, it can mean you are bothered or upset. ✅A: Are you going to the grocery store today? ✅B: No, I am not. But why—do you need something? ✅A: Oh, never mind. It is okay, I will go tomorrow.

💥 Could you repeat that please? ▶️If you would like someone to say a word, question or phrase again, use this question. ✅Could you please repeat that? ✅Could you repeat that, please?

💥 I do not understand. ▶️Use this phrase when you do not understand what someone means. ✅Sorry, I do not understand. The U.S. Technical College seems very confusing!

💥  I am learning English. ▶️This simple phrase tells people that English is not your native language. If you are a total beginner, add “just started” after I: “I just started learning English.” ✅My name is Sophie and I am learning English.

💥 That sounds great. ▶️ “Great” can be replaced with any synonym (similar word), such as “awesome,” “perfect,” “excellent” or “fantastic.” ✅A: My mom is baking cookies this afternoon. We could go to my house and eat some. How does that sound? ✅B: That sounds fantastic!

💥 Could you please talk slower? ▶️That is because “slowly” is an adverb, so it describes verbs (like “talk”). “Slower” is a comparative adjective, which means it should be used to describe nouns (people, places or things), not verbs. ✅A: You can give us a call any weekday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at five five five, two five zero eight, extension three three— ✅B: I am sorry, could you please talk slower?

💥 How does that sound? ▶️If you suggest an idea or plan, use this phrase to find out what others think. ✅We could have dinner at 6, and then go to a movie. How does that sound? ✅Let’s hire a band to play music, and Brent can photograph the event. How does that sound?

💥 What do you think? ▶️When you want to hear someone’s opinion on a topic, use this question. ✅I am not sure if we should paint the room yellow or blue. What do you think?

💥 Hi! I am [Name]. (And you?) ▶️Here is an informal greeting you can use when you meet new friends. If the person does not tell you their name, you can say your name first. Then ask, “And you?” or “And what is your name?” ✅Hi! I am Rebecca. And you?

💥 Excuse me. ▶️You can also say this phrase to politely get someone’s attention. ✅Excuse me, sir, you dropped your wallet. ✅Excuse me, do you know what time it is?

💥 Thanks so much. ▶️Thanks so much + for + [noun] / [-ing verb]. ✅Thanks so much for the birthday money. ✅Thanks so much for driving me home.

💥 I really appreciate… ▶️You can also use this phrase to thank someone. ✅I really appreciate your help. ✅Thanks so much for cooking dinner. I really appreciate it.

💥 Do you have Facebook? ▶️Use this question to find out if someone has a Facebook account. ✅Let’s keep in touch! Do you have Facebook?

💥 What is your phone number? ▶️You might also hear people use the more casual, “Can I get your phone number?” ✅It would be great to meet up again sometime. What is your phone number?

💥 What do you like to do (in your free time)? ▶️Instead of asking for someone’s job title, I prefer to ask what they enjoy doing. ✅A: So, Cathleen, what do you like to do in your free time? ✅B: I love to read and to garden. I picked two buckets of tomatoes last week!

💥 What do you do? ▶️Most adults ask each other this question when they meet. It means what do you do for a living (what is your job). ✅A: What do you do, Cathleen? ✅B: I work at the university as a financial specialist.

💥 Where are you from? ▶️Ask this question to find out which country someone is from. You answer this question with “I am from _______.” ✅A: Nice to meet you, Sergio. So, where are you from? ✅B: I am from Spain.

💥 Nice to meet you. ▶️After you learn each other’s names, it is polite to say this phrase. ✅A: Hi, Rebecca, I am Chad. ✅B: Nice to meet you, Chad. ✅A: Nice to meet you, too.

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