Feb 18, 2022


• My Role model and Best friend • Celebrity you would like to meet and why • Three things everyone should do well • Why do I buy too many things • If I were president, I would… • My favorite book • My last dream • My worst job personal experience • My favorite movie • If I were invisible for a day • An important lesson I learned after a mistake • What is the best time for a kid to get a phone? • Animals are stress relievers • Online communication can never be as good as real-life friendship • How to enjoy your weekends more? • How to have a productive summer? • If I were the president, I would… • How to avoid getting grounded? • If I could be a famous person, I would choose to be…? • Things you can’t learn at school or college • Real learning does not occur in the classroom • Pets are for the people who don’t have children • In which scenario, lying is a good idea?

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