Feb 26, 2022

Tonight's Activities

Tonight’s Activities: 1. Warm-Up: Tongue Twister 2. Dialogue Conversation 3. A Freetalk: Would you rather….

Simple Conversation: A: Don’t you have a big test tomorrow? B: Yup. I’ve got a math test. A: Well, you’d better start studying. B: That’s what I’m doing now. A: Really? It looks like you’re surfing the internet. B: Not surfing. I am studying online.

Dialogue: Ordering Breakfast A: Galliano’s Pizza. How can I help you? B: Hi, I’d like to order two large pizzas for delivery. A: All right. And what would you like on those pizzas? B: I’d like one Hawaiian and one…hmm… do you have any vegetarian pizzas? A: We do. We’ve got a veggie lover’s pizza. It comes with tomatoes, red onions, mushrooms, spinach, chili peppers, and feta cheese. B: That sounds good. But can you hold the mushrooms? A: Sure. No problem. Would you like to add spicy wings or garlic bread for only $3.99? B: No, just the pizza, please. A: How about something to drink? Soft drinks are on special. 2 litre bottles are only $1.50. B: Oh, okay. I’ll take a root beer. A: So that’s a large Hawaiian and a large veggie-lover without mushrooms and a 2 litre bottle of root beer. Will that be everything? B: Yeah, that’s everything. My address is 1248 Alder St. A: 1248 Alder St. Okay. With tax, your total comes to $32.57. Delivery will be about 25 minutes. Thanks for ordering here in Galliano’s Pizza! Bye. B: Bye

Would you rather find true love today or win the lottery next year?

Would you rather lose your sight or your memories?

Would you rather lose all your teeth or lose a day of your life every time you kissed someone?

Debate: No one should ever tell a lie. Agree or disagree?

Homework should be banned.

Would you rather have another 10 years with your partner or a one-night stand with your celebrity crush?

Would you rather die in 20 years with no regrets or live to 100 with a lot of regrets?

What do you choose in a woman/man- beauty or brain?

Are men stronger than women?

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