Feb 18, 2022

The Boy Who Cried "Wolf"


DARK - with little or no light "It is dark at night."

LONELY - sad because one has no companions; solitary "The boy was lonely in his room."

PLAN - intention or decision of doing or achieving something; arrange in advance "I plan on becoming a doctor."

EXCITEMENT - feeling of great enthusiasm or eagerness "He went on a trip beaming with excitement."

CONSIDERABLE - notably large in size, amount, or extent "The man waited for a considerable amount of time."

WORRY - state of anxiety or unease; allow oneself to be troubled "She took the exam with worry."

AGAIN - another time; once more "The child went to the playground again."

DECEIVE - cause someone to believe something that is not true "The student deceived his teacher into thinking that he passed his project on time."

NOBODY - no one; a person of no importance or authority "Nobody noticed that she left."

LIAR - a person who tells lies "Her ex-boyfriend was a cheater and a liar."

BELIEVE - accept as true; think of something as an opinion "I believe in God."

COMPLAIN - express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something "He complained about the hot weather."

FLOCK - a large group of animals; gather or assemble together "The wolf killed the flock of sheep."

PLEASED - feeling or showing satisfaction; glad "I am pleased to meet you."

WISE - having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment "The wise man imparted some wisdom on the child."

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