Feb 18, 2022

Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms.

SYNONYMS, ANTONYMS, AND HOMONYMS Synonyms are words with the same, or almost the same meaning as another word. Examples: large - big present - gift ill - sick raise - lift ordinary - normal, usual Antonyms are words that have the opposite meaning of another word. Examples: big - small boring - exciting happy - sad first - last in - out birth - death Homonyms are words that sound the same or spelled the same as another word but have a different meaning. Examples: No - know Cache – Cash Site – Sight Facts- Fax Flu - flew

SYNONYMS AND ANTONYMS EXERCISES Take a look at the following seven sentences. Each sentence has a keyword. Choose which word has the same meaning as the capitalized word. 1. I was GLAD to hear that you liked my song. hopeful happy surprised disappointed 2. She had the ARDUOUS task of carrying all the luggage. difficult short easy expensive 3. Welcome to my ABODE. farm family home car 4. Many people believe in ghosts, but I am SCEPTICAL. honest scared decided doubtful 5. This is an AUTHENTIC Picasso painting. big fake real great 6. When my wife was pregnant, she CRAVED candy. desired made hated ate 7. He SELDOM misses a day of work. often sometimes rarely never Take a look at the following seven sentences. Each sentence has a key-word. Choose which word has the opposite meaning as the capitalized word. 8. Today is a WARM day, said Karoline to Peter. hot shine cool 9. He is a STRONG man. weak powerful sturdy 10. His garden is very LARGE. big small huge 11. We are going to talk about our ENEMIES. friends neighbors lost 12. Mr. Brown always makes EASY tests. soft hard weak 13. OPEN the door, please! close free huge 14. In the trial, the judge declared GUILTY of all the facts. easy innocent simple 15. He is HAPPY to be here. unhappy jolly excited

HOMONYMS EXERCISE Complete the sentences with the right word. 1. Your perfume has a beautiful ___. sent cent scent 2. I banged my ___ on the leg of the table. toe tow 3. What ___ do you take to work? root route 4. The wind ___ the door closed. blew blue 5. She returned to the ___ of the accident. scene seen 6. I had an apple and a ___ for lunch. pear pair 7. I can play a few ___ on the guitar. cords chords 8. Don't touch the cat's ___. tale tail 9. I can't eat this ___ pizza. whole hole 10. I wonder if they will change ___ plans? there their they're

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