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신세계 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dM8YKP_n5RU Description: The firm (Gold Moon) will elect a new head because the predecessor died. There are two prime candidates, the heads of the two major factions of the firm. There is a rivalry between them. cf.: One character has an accent from the Jeolla province. Some words of the other character are also nonstandard (vernacular or slang) (1)네 뭐... 저도 여러 선배님들 하고 같은 생각입니다. 넌 어떠냐? Well, I agree with you all (I agree with the other seniors), what about you? ; (2)물론, 안 괜찮을 거 있나? 그룹장 자릴 오래 비워 둬서 뭐, 좋을 거 없겠지. Sure, there’s no reason to object/ why should I oppose? It’s not good to keep the seat of the group chairman empty for a long time. ; (3)그래. 그러면 다들 동의한 걸로 알고, 다음주 임시 이사회에서 후임 회장을 결정하는 걸로 정리하겠습니다! Okay, then it’s settled, (and we can conclude that) we’ll have a temporary board meeting next week and appoint the succeeding president. ; (4)거 대충 얘기들 끝나셨음 전 먼저 일어납니다. 제가 공무가 좀 바빠서. If there is nothing more to talk about, I leave first. I am busy with the business. ; (5)아야, 간만에 선배님들 모시고 밥이나 같이 묵자? Hey, let’s have a meal with the seniors after a long time ; (6) 거 됐시다. 솔직히 우리가 뭐 피차 낯짝 마주 대고 정답게 앉아 밥 처먹을, 그러고 살가운 사인 아니잖수? 어디 그 밥알이 목구녕으로 곱게 넘어나 가겠수? No thanks. Frankly, we are not that friendly to sit face-to-face and eat cordially. Do you think we can even swallow the grain of rice? ; (7) 에이... 새끼, 뭔 말을 그리 험하게 허냐...? Huh, shit, your language is rough. ; (8) 그럼 바쁘니.. 갑니다, 먼저. Then as I’m busy, I’m off. ; (9)호로놈의 새끼 That bastard

Words 선배: senior 이사회: board of directors / board meeting 후임: successor 대충: roughly, just about, loosely, not accurate 공무: public duties, official business 피차: each other, mutually 낯짝: informal and vulgar word meaning face 마주 대다 = 맞대다: face, be face to face 정답게: friendlily, tenderly 살가운: affectionate, friendly 사이: distance, interval / relationship 밥알: grain of (boiled) rice 목구녕: vernacular word of 목구멍 (throat) 바쁘게: busily 호로 (vulgar word) - 호로자식/호로새끼/후레자식 – bastard (barbarian or odd-numbered) 처~ : when you say with harsh tone in an informal / vulgar way : e.g.) 처먹다, 처하다

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