Mar 21, 2022

Reading Cue: Making Money


Vocabulary: Fill in the blank using the word bank. bookstore, do the dishes, trash, grocery, himself. 1. Harry did his homework by____________. 2. I bought a book at the ________________. 3. Would you take out the __________when you go out? 4. Mom is out. She went _______ shopping. 5. You have to ________ right after dinner.

On the way home, John saw the new Harry Potter book in a bookstore. He really wanted to buy it, but he had no money. He spent all his money on a game last month. His mother had an idea to help him. Throughout the week, John went grocery shopping, did the dishes, and took out the trash. On Saturday morning, his mother thanked him for his help and gave him fifteen dollars. John was very happy that he had made money himself.

What is the main idea and supporting details. a. John did the dishes b. He went grocery shopping. c. John made money for a book by helping his mother. d. He took out the trash. Summary: John saw __________________ He had no money because ____________ Throughout the week, ________________ On Saturday morning, ________________ John was happy _____________________

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