Mar 29, 2022

Put and take

What was the last hobby you took up? When were you last taken out? By who? Do you take after anyone else in your family? When did you last have a take away? What did you have?

When did you last have to take back something you had said? Have you ever taken something back to a shop? What was it and why? What has been the most difficult thing to take in this term? Can you tell us a time when you had to take on new responsibilities in your job or family?

(1) When was the last time you put away a really big meal? What did you have? (2) Do you often get told off for not putting things away? (3) Do you know anyone that has been put away? What did they do? (4) Have you ever put anyone down or has anyone put you down? Why? (5) Apart from doing your homework, is there anything else that you sometimes put off? (6) Who do you have the most difficulty putting up with? (7) When was the last time you put somebody up? Who was it and for how long? (8) Do you often put on special clothes to go out? (9) Have you ever put on a play / show / concert or know anyone who has? (10) When was the last time you put someone on? Did they find it funny?

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