Feb 23, 2022

숫자 Numbers in Korean


If the numbers exceeds 99, we use Sino-Korean. Sino-Korean 1 000 천 10 000 만 하나, 한 & 일 = One --> All has same meaning which is number 1. Only the usage are different.

✅ Practices -1 person 2 people -I am 29 years old. -I have watched the movie two times. -This is my 4th time coming here -What this is it now? 지금 몇 시예요? -전화번호 뭐예요? 012- 76294576 -시험 잘 봤어? 몇 점 받았어? 잘 못 봤어.. 40점 만 받았어 -Sir, can I have Army Stew for 2 people?

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