Mar 6, 2022



NEWS Report : "Gas Leak in Downtown Apartment" Good morning! I’m Chris Gunn and I’m here with your news at nine. Residents in a downtown apartment were evacuated today when a gas leak was detected in one of the apartments. Fortis Gas was called to investigate the leak. According to the company website, a leak was found and residents were allowed to return to their homes. Residents are reminded to leave the area immediately and contact the gas company if they smell rotten eggs. A jewelry store on 5th avenue was robbed last night. The thieves broke into the building through the back door and disabled the alarms. The display cases were smashed and around $50,000 worth of jewelry was taken. The police are asking any witnesses to contact them. The Lion’s Bridge was closed for repairs today. Construction crews have begun repairing the bridge. Motorists are advised to find alternative routes. The bridge will be closed until further notice. And that’s today’s news at nine.

Lanternfish ESL Teaching Worksheets Lanternfish ESL Intermediate Listening Dialogue (Audio File + Handouts) Under Pressure Language reviewed in this dialogue (audio file) includes coping with stress, mentally exhausted, and under pressure. Home Beginner Listening Intermediate Listening Advanced Listening Dialogue: Under Pressure Dad: (sigh) I need a break. Erin: You do seem a little stressed out these days. Dad: I am mentally exhausted. I am under a lot of pressure at work. Erin: I guess that explains why you have been so grumpy lately. Dad: Yeah, sorry about that. I haven’t been coping with the stress very well. Erin: I’ve noticed. You don’t look well either. Dad: It’s just that I’m really tired. I haven’t been sleeping. Erin: What’s keeping you up at night? Dad: I’m worried about these reports. I have some very important deadlines coming up. Erin: Well, if you don’t take care of yourself, you’re going to get sick. Dad: Yeah, that’s true. Maybe, after I get these reports finished I’ll take a vacation. Erin: If you do, you should take me with you. I could use a break too. My schoolwork is very stressful.

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