Mar 12, 2022


What do you think about living together before marriage? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing so?

Are arguments normal between married couples? How much fighting is too much?

Is divorce common in your country? How do people think about divorce? For example, is it a source of shame?

Is it important to get along with your in-laws? Why or why not?

How long should a couple know each other before getting married? How soon is too soon?

What kinds of wedding gifts do people give in your culture?

In your country, are weddings fun events? What do people usually do at weddings?

Warm-up Task: Which qualities are important in a good husband or wife? Choose three and explain why: kindness, honesty, loyalty, good looks, health, ambition, a sense of humor, romance, something else?

What are the pros and cons of international marriage? Would you marry someone from another country?

Do you believe in soul mates? Are you looking for the one?

What's the best way to find a potential wife or husband?

Is it a good idea to date a few different people before getting married? How important is it to gain experience?

At what age do people usually get married in your country? What do you think is a good age to marry?

How important is marriage in your culture? Can people easily choose not to marry? Where does social pressure to marry come from?

Do you know many happily married couples? How do they stay happy?

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