Mar 9, 2022

Learn English with The Hunger Games

A: You'd freeze to death first B: No, cause I'd light a fire A: No, that's a good way to get killed. C: What's a good way to get killed? A: Oh, joy! Why don't you join us? I was just giving some life saving advice. C: Like what? B: Oh I was just asking about how to find shelter A: Which would come in handy if in fact you were still alive. C: How do you find shelter? A: Pass the jam? C: How do you find shelter? A: Give me a chance to wake up, sweetheart.This mentoring is very taxing stuff.

Advice - guidance or recommendation Shelter - a place giving temporary protection Handy - useful Sweetheart - used as a term of endearment to someone Mentoring - training or advising Taxing - mentally demanding, challenging

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