Mar 13, 2022

Korean Vocabulary Compilation 어휘 리스트

100 Most Common Korean Adjectives Source: Topik Guide 어휘 Vocabulary 괜찮다 Alright, Ok 화나다 Angry 짜증나다 Annoyed 나쁘다 Bad 아름답다 Beautiful 크다 Big 쓰다 Bitter 심심하다 Bored 지루하다 Boring, Dull 씩씩하다Brave 싸다 Cheap 싸늘하다 Chilly 통통하다 Chubby 깨끗하다 Clean 흐리다 Cloudy 춥다 Cold (Weather) 차갑다 Cold (Touch) 편하다 Comfortable 편리하다 Convenient 시원하다 Refreshing 귀엽다 Cute 축축하다 Damp 습하다 Humid 맛있다 Delicious 다르다 Different 어렵다 Difficult 더럽다 Dirty 건조하다 Dry 건조하다 Dry, Arid 이르다 Early 쉽다 Easy 당황하다 Embarrassed 비어 있다 Empty 비싸다 Expensive 빠르다 Fast 뚱뚱하다 Fat 기름지다 Greasy 적다 Few, Little 신선하다 Fresh 가득하다 Full 젖다 Get Wet, Damp 기쁘다 Glad, Happy 잘생기다 Good Looking 착하다 Nice 좋다 Good, Fine 행복하다 Happy 딱딱하다 Hard, Stiff 건강하다 Healthy 높다 High 뜨겁다 Hot (Touch) 덥다 Hot (Weather) 배가 고프다 Hungry 불편하다 Inconvenient 재미있다 Interesting 복잡하다 Crowded 늦다 Late 적다 Less 많다 Lots, Many 시끄럽다 Loud, Noisy 비열하다 Mean, Nasty 촉촉하다 Moist 좁다 Narrow 새롭다 New, Fresh 재미없다 Boring 맛없다 Not Tasty 오래되다 Old (Objects) 예쁘다 Pretty 조용하다 Quiet 슬프다 Sad 짜다 Salty 무섭다 Scary 날카롭다, 뾰족하다 Sharp, Pointed 수줍다 Shy 아프다 Sick, Painful 비슷하다 Similar 깡마르다 Skinny 졸리다 Sleepy 날씬하다 Slim, thin 미끄럽다 Slippery 느리다 Slow 작다 Small 똑똑하다 Smart 부드럽다 Soft 말랑하다 Soft, Tender, Ripe 시다, 시큼하다 Sour 맵다 Spicy 강하다, 튼튼하다 Strong, Sturdy 멍청하다 Stupid, Foolish 놀라다 Surprised 달다, 달콤하다 Sweet 같다 Same 목이 마르다 Thirsty 피곤하다 Tired, Exhausted 못생기다 Ugly 불편하다 Uncomfortable 급하다 Urgent 따뜻하다 Warm 약하다 Weak, Feeble 이상하다 Weird 넓다 Wide, Broad Follow - @RanelaMakes @koreanEPSTOPIKin60 @mykoreanjournal_ @안나언니 @learnhancool @koreanchatterbox @korean_with_haneul @korean_glex2020podcast

안나언니 쌤의 리스트 How to know if the verb is irregular? Answer: You need to memorize all the list of irregular verbs for you to know which verb is regular and irregular. 🌟ㅂ Irregular Verb 🔸1. 쉽다 To be easy 🔸2. 맵다 To be spicy 🔸3. 춥다 To be cold 🔸4. 덥다 To be hot 🔸5. 돕다* To help 🔸6. 곱다* To be charming, to be lovely 🔸7. 굽다 To roast, to bake 🔸8. 깁다 To sew, to mend 🔸9. 줍다 To pick up; To find 🔸10. 눕다 To lie 🔸11. 무겁다 To be heavy 🔸12. 가볍다 To be light 🔸13. 고맙다 To be thankful 🔸14. 어렵다 To be difficult 🔸15. 더럽다 To be dirty 🔸16. 무섭다 To be scary, to be frightening 🔸17. 두렵다 To be fearful, to be scared 🔸18. 반갑다 To be glad, to be pleasant 🔸19. 부럽다 To be envious 🔸20. 어둡다 To be dark, to be gloomy 🔸21. 즐겁다 To be pleasant, to be enjoyable 🔸22. 귀엽다 To be cute 🔸23. 참답다 To be truthful, to be sincere 🔸24. 새롭다 To be new 🔸25. 외롭다 To be lonely, to be solitary 🔸26. 해롭다 To be detrimental 🔸27. 이롭다 To be beneficial 🔸28. 아름답다 To be beautiful 🔸29. 까다롭다 To be picky to be choosy 🔸30. 흥미롭다 To be interesting ------------------------------------------------ 🌟ㅅ Irregular Verb / ㅅ 불규칙 ❄1. 긋다 To draw (a line) ❄2. 낫다 To be better; To be cured ❄3. 젓다 To stir, to whip ❄4. 잣다 To spin ❄5. 짓다 To build, to write ❄6. 잇다 To connect, to link ❄7. 붓다 To swell; To pour ❄8. 특징짓다 To characterize ❄9. 눈물짓다 To shed tears, to weep ❄10. 농사짓다 To farm ❄11. 가로젓다 To shake your head 🌟 ㅡ Irregular Verb / ㅡ 불규칙 🌞1. 크다 To be big 🌞2. 쓰다 To write; To use 🌞3. 끄다 To turn off 🌞4. 예쁘다 To be pretty 🌞5. 바쁘다 To be busy 🌞6. 아프다 To be painful, to be sick 🌞7. 고프다 To be hungry 🌞8. 나쁘다 To be bad 🌞9. 기쁘다 To be happy 🌞10. 슬프다 To be sad 🌞11. 잠그다 To lock 🌞12. 모으다 To gather, to collect -------------------------------------------- 🔰ㄷ Irregular Verb / ㄷ 불규칙 🔹1. 듣다 To listen; To hear 🔹2. 묻다 To ask 🔹3. 걷다 To walk 🔹4. 싣다 To load 🔹5. 붇다 To swell; To rise 🔹6. 치닫다 To run up, to go up 🔹7. 깨닫다 To realize, to notice 🔹8. 파묻다 To bury 🔹9. 알아듣다 To understand, to follow Regular ㄷ Verbs 🔷1. 닫다 – to close 🔷2. 믿다 – to believe 🔷3. 받다 – to receive 🔷4. 얻다 – to get 🔷5. 묻다 – to bury 🔷6. 쏟다 – to pour 🔷7. 돋다 – to rise 🔷8. 곧다 – to be straight 🔷9. 굳다 – to harden 🔷10. 딛다 – to step 🔷11. 내딛다 – to step forward --------------------------------------------- 🔰List of ㅎ Irregular Verb / ㅎ 불규칙 🔺1. 까맣다 To be black 🔺2. 하얗다 To be white 🔺3. 노랗다 To be yellow 🔺4. 파랗다 To be blue 🔺5. 빨갛다 To be red 🔺6. 이렇다 To be like this 🔺7. 그렇다 To be like that 🔺8. 저렇다 To be like that over there 🔺9. 어떻다 To be like what, to be how ------------------------------------------- 🔰ㄹ Irregular Verb / ㄹ 불규칙 열다 To open 멀다 To be far 살다 To live 팔다 To sell 놀다 To play 알다 To know 달다 To weigh; To be sweet 불다 To blow 길다 To be long 걸다 To hang 밀다 To push, to nudge 울다 To cry, to weep 들다 To hold, to take 돌다 To turn, to rotate 풀다 To untie, to undo 늘다 To grow, to increase 갈다 To replace; To sharpen 물다 To bite, to snap [animals] 만들다 To make 힘들다 To be difficult, to be tiresome 이끌다 To lead, to guide 거칠다 To be rough, to be coarse 기울다 To incline, to tilt 달려들다 To attack, to spring out at. 🔰르 Irregular Verb / 르 불규칙 💐1. 빠르다 To be fast 💐2. 다르다 To be different 💐3. 가르다 To cut 💐4. 거르다 To skip; To filter out 💐5. 고르다 To select, to choose 💐6. 구르다 To roll; To stamp one’s feet 💐7. 그르다 To be wrong, to be false 💐8. 기르다 To raise, to bring up 💐9. 나르다 To carry, to transport 💐10. 누르다 To press, to push 💐11. 도르다 To vomit; To distribute 💐12. 두르다 To put something around 💐13. 마르다 To dry 💐14. 모르다 To not know; To not understand 💐15. 무르다 To be soft, to be runny 💐16. 바르다 To cover; To smear 💐17. 부르다 To call out; To be full 💐18. 사르다 To commit to the flame; To winnow 💐19. 어르다 To humour, to coax 💐20. 오르다 To climb up, to go up 💐21. 이르다* To be early 💐22. 자르다 To cut, to chop 💐23. 조르다 To pester, to nag 💐24. 지르다 To yell, to shriek 💐25. 찌르다 To pierce, to stab 💐26. 흐르다 To flow, to run 💐27. 휘두르다 To wield, to brandish 💐28. 타오르다 To blaze, to rage 💐29. 차오르다 To wax; To bubble over 💐30. 짓누르다 To press 💐31. 주무르다 To massage 💐32. 저지르다 To commit something, to do (something bad) 💐33. 억누르다 To suppress, to contain 💐34. 어지르다 To mess up, to make a mess 💐35. 어우르다 To put together, to unite 💐36. 앞지르다 To pass, to overtake 💐37. 암지르다 To complete 💐38. 아우르다 To put together 💐39. 서두르다 To rush, to hasten 💐40. 문지르다 To rub; To scrub 💐41. 무찌르다 To defeat, to beat 💐42. 목마르다 To be thirsty 💐43. 머무르다 To stay, to remain 💐44. 마무르다 To finish, to complete 💐45. 떠오르다 To come up; To float 💐46. 다지르다 To make sure; To press a person 💐47. 그느르다 To take care of, to look after 💐48. 가새지르다 To cross each other, to intersect 💐49. 가로지르다 To cut across, to traverse 💐50. 기어오르다 To crawl up, to creep up 💐51. 날아오르다 To fly up high, to soar 💐52. 달아오르다 To become red-hot 💐53. 뛰어오르다 To jump, to leap 💐54. 솟아오르다 To soar into, to fly up 💐55. 윽박지르다 To bully, to browbeat

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