Mar 17, 2022

Jenny's Note

Do men gossip more than women?

Are women more complicated than men?

Would the world be a better place if women were in charge?

Are there any advantages to being a man over a woman or vice versa?

Is the age difference between two partners important in adult relationships?

How do men feel about successful women?

As a man are you afraid of commitment?

How would the world look like without men? or women?

Why are men considered to be better at mathematics than women?

Does life get more complicated the older you become?

Will tomorrow be more interesting than yesterday?

Which is more difficult to learn, English or your language?

Is it better to study English in class or online?

Are you happier now or were you happier when you were younger?

Is it better to go on a date with someone who is older or younger than you?

Which is better, English or math?

Which animal makes a better pet, a cat or a dog?

What is more important, money or happiness?

Does social media make the world a better or worse place?

Do we control our own technology or is it controlling us?

What will make the world better: stricter laws or no laws at all?

Do you prefer to receive money or an actual gift?

What would you do if you won the lottery?

If you became president, what is the first thing you would do?

After a long day, do you prefer to hang out with friends or spend time alone?

Do you believe in luck or do you believe that people make their own luck?

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