Feb 18, 2022

Impacts of Social Media Dialogue

Samantha: Hey Tony, can I talk to you? Tony: Yes, of course Sam. What’s up? Samantha: Do you think we should limit the amount of time the kids spend surfing the Internet? Tony: Hmm. Good question. Part of me says yes and the other part of me says no. Why are you bringing it up? Samantha: Well, I’m just worried about all of the stuff that I’m seeing on the news. Many people say a lot of crime and violence is brought about from things on the internet. Tony: Well, we definitely need to keep an eye on the sites that they are browsing. Samantha: I always look at the browsing history, but you know there are many ways to delete that. Tony: Yes, I know. We just need to keep raising them the way that we are. As long as we teach them right from wrong, they will be okay. Samantha: Maybe you’re right. I’m just worried that some of the kids at school will negatively influence them. Tony: I know what you mean but I think they will be okay. There’s so much that they can learn using the internet. There’s really so much information out there. Samantha: A lot of it is bad though Tony. Tony: Don’t be so optimistic Samantha. Look at the bright side of things sometimes. Samantha: You’re right. I have just been watching too much news recently. Tony: You are a great Mom. I think we are good parents who are doing a great job raising our kids in a crazy world. Samantha: I suppose you are right. I guess I am just overreacting, aren’t I? Tony: Yes, everything is okay in moderation. I’ll go check up on the kids now. I’m sure that everything is just fine.

Argumentative Debate Topics Argumentative debate topics require a speaker to be aware of all the possible opinions regarding a topic and account for the opposing opinions in his debate and rebuttals. The core of this approach is based on logical arguments with facts, numbers, and substantial evidence. You can’t build an argumentative topic on your favourite music band. Therefore, argumentative debate topics are easy to research for supporting evidence.

The Basic Rules of Debates As mentioned before, debates have a specific, standard structure that you have to follow to maintain the communication flow. If you are a college student who wants to try his luck at debating, then remember the following rules: The side in favour is always the first one to speak up. A counter-response from the opposing side then follows. Each member of the negative team takes their turns speaking. Each debater is allotted a maximum of one minute to present their opinion. Once the time is finished, the speaker has to wrap it up or the speech can be halted. Interrupting a debater is strictly prohibited. The audience, who mostly acts as the jury, cannot take part in the debate. The voting or verdict from the audience is usually decided with a show of hands and the majority takes the win.

Social Media Brings More Harm Than Good Social media is a two-edged sword. Even though it offers people a way to connect and communicate with each other, too much use of social media can cause problems in real-life relationships because people start preferring virtual connections. Plus, the issue of privacy encroachment and data gathering are also real concerns. No matter what side you choose, you can generate compelling arguments to support your stance and relay your evidence and reasoning to win the debate.

Do you have a Facebook page?

What information do you have on your webpage?

What kind of information are you comfortable releasing to the public?

Which social media platform is your favourite and why?

Stephanie: Hi, this is Stephanie. I can’t answer the phone right now. I’m away, but feel free to call, leave a message, or text. Alright. Bye. Ronald: Uh, hello, uh yeah. Hi, Stephanie, or Steffi. Uh, I can’t do this? Oh yeah. Uh. Yes, Stephanie, my name is Ronald, but my friends call me Ron. My parents call me, well, forget about that. Uh, I’m originally from Canada, but I grew up in Texas. I’m 24 years old, and uh, I graduated from high school about five years ago, and I’m the manager of an exotic pet shop. We carry all kinds of birds, and snakes, and spiders, and fish. We even have one snake that is about four meters long, but I keep him at home. And oh, yeah. Um, my hobbies. I fish, hunt, and ride horses in my free time. My favorite foods are beef, beef, and beef. I don’t eat many vegetables, except potatoes with my beef. And, oh yeah, I sometimes eat apples and beef sometimes. I have two brothers. Both of them live with me because they don’t have jobs, and my mom lives with me, and I have three dogs: Brutus, Charlie, and Samantha. Oh, and one more thing. This might seem strange, but I enjoy reading poetry. So, that’s about it. I hope to hear from you. You can call me if you want. The number is 789-1350. Yeah, uh, right. Catch later, alligator. Oh, oh, that’s so stupid. Uh, oh, Good-bye.

How long do you spend on social media every day? Do you think it’s a reasonable amount of time or too much time?

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