Mar 18, 2022

How would you express yourself?

Vaocabulary: Vocabulary: sensitive (adjective): caring (adjective): prep (adjective): obviously (adverb): improve (verb): at this point: be set on something (verb): joint (adjective): work out (verb):

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences sensitive (adjective): understanding the feelings of others – My spouse is very sensitive to our children’s needs, and I love her for that. caring (adjective): kind – If you have a caring attitude towards others, they will feel your love for them. prep (adjective): short for preparation – Taking a marriage prep class can help you develop better communication skills with your family. obviously (adverb): in a way that is easy to see and understand – James obviously didn’t listen to his wife’s feelings because she is still very angry with him. improve (verb): make better – How did you improve your relationship with your kids over the years? at this point: at this time – Amanda and Brandon don’t want to get married at this point, but they are talking about this in the future. be set on something (verb): be determined to do something – Why is Jessica set on marrying Andrew so quickly? They’ve only known each other for three weeks. joint (adjective): having something together – My parents have a joint savings account. work out (verb): find a solution or come to an agreement on something – Fortunately, they are getting counseling, and their marriage is working out – With time and patience, things work out in the end.

DIALOGUE Woman: Hey. What’s this on Facebook? It says . . . Are you getting married? Man: Yeah. Didn’t you know that? Woman: No. Why didn’t you tell me about it? (It) says you’re getting married next week. Man: Yeah, and I’m bringing her over to mom’s house tomorrow. You’ll love Jasmine. Woman: Jasmine? Man: Yeah. Here’s her picture on Facebook. Woman: Oh. Wow. Man: What? What do you mean? Woman: Dad is not going to be impressed. Man: Why? Woman: She’s got, like a lot of tattoos and a nose ring, and uh, I’m sorry. The family is going to be really surprised. Man: Ah, she’s so, well, so sensitive and caring. Woman: Um, well . . . . Have . . . have you taken any marriage prep classes? Man: Ah, who needs that anyway? I know all about women. Woman: Yeah. Right, like . . . . What have you had? Like ten girlfriends in the last six months? Man: Well, that’s different! Woman: Uh, listen. Obviously, you need to improve your communication skills, and the best thing at this point . . . . if you’re really set on marrying Jamie . . . Man: Jasmine . . . Woman: Okay, I’m sorry, Jasmine, anyway, um, you really should take a marriage prep class. Man: What? What are you talking about? I know all about love and romance. Woman: Uh. Right . . . . Man: What? What do you mean? Woman: Look. Okay. It’s more than that. What do you know about, say, personal finance? [ Well, you know . . . ] I mean, how are you going to manage your money together? Are you going to have a joint bank account? Whose salary is going to pay the bills? Man: Ah, no problem. No problem. We have that figured out. My paycheck is going to be automatically transferred to her overseas bank account. Woman: Oh. Uh, where exactly is this account? What’s the name of the bank? Man: Ah, I don’t know. Jasmine’s going to take care of that. Woman: Oh, boy. Right. Um, well, what about children? Are you guys going to have any kids? Man: Well, I want a large family, so eight kids would be just about right. Woman: Wow! What does Jasmine say about that? Man: Ah, well, she doesn’t want any kids, but I’ll change her mind once we get married. No problem. Woman: Okay, what about housework? How are you going to handle that? Man: Well, Jasmine won’t mind doing it. Well, not exactly. We’ve been just so busy planning out our honeymoon, that we just haven’t worked out, you know, these small details. Woman: Great! You know what? By the time you learn her last name, I think things are going to be over between the two of you. Man: No, you just wait and see.

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