Feb 20, 2022

How was your weekend?

Jin:Hi, Jessica. How are you? Jessica:So far so good. What about you? Jin: I am alright. So, how was your weekend? Jessica: I was busy and it was tiring. Jin: Why? Jessica: I was busy doing some chores like washing dishes, vacuuming, doing laundry. I also babysat my friends' children yesterday. Jin:You must be tired. How often do you babysit the children? Jessica: Sometimes. Not often. My friends could not find the sitter. So, I babysat for them. How about you? Did you have a good weekend? Jin:Yes, I had a great weekend. Jessica:What did you do? Jin:I had dinner with my friends on Saturday and we played a board game together. Jessica:That sounds fun! How was the food? Jin:It was good. We had some pasta, chicken, and steamed vegetables. Jin:That sounds delicious! Jessica: Yeah, It was. I didn't know that my friend was such a good cook. Jin: How about you? Are you a good cook? Jessica: I don't know. But I try to cook for my family sometimes. Jessica: I like cooking too. But I don't like to go grocery shopping. Jin: Oh, I see. Jessica: Well, I got to go now. But it was nice talking to you. Jin: Yes, me too. I will see you tomorrow. Jessica:Yeah, see you soon. Jin: Bye! Jessica:Bye!

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