Feb 22, 2022

Help Wanted Ad

Dialogue: Help Wanted Ad Erin: Dad, I’m thinking of getting a part-time job this summer. Dad: What kind of job are you looking for? Erin: I saw a help wanted ad for a bakery. It’s three days a week. Dad: How much does it pay? Erin: It pays $12.00 an hour. Dad: You know you probably won’t be able to do that job unless you have a Food Safe Certificate. Erin: I know, but the ad says they are willing to pay for the certificate if you get hired. Dad: And are they willing to hire you even if you have no experience. Erin: Yup, the ad says, “No experience necessary. Willing to train the right person.” Dad: Well, okay then. You should apply. Erin: I will. Do you think you could help me right up a resume? Dad: Sure. I’ve got some time right now.

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