Mar 31, 2022


THE YOUNG MAN AND THE OLD MAN The Young Man and the Old Man A proud young man was looking for a new pastime. He heard about people hiking in the national parks and decided to try it for himself. As he started his stroll, an old man walked up to him. “Don’t go this way,” the old man said. “Beware. The paths are not clear. It’s easy to become lost.” But the young man disagreed with the old man and bragged that he had a perfect understanding of the park. “I studied maps of this area,” he told him. “I believe I have a thorough knowledge of these trails. I won’t become lost.” The old man listened to the young man and then admonished him for his pride. “I have walked these trails my entire life,” he said. “If you think you will be safe, then go ahead.” The young man ignored the old man and started along the trail. Whenever he had to choose between an easy or difficult route, he always chose the more difficult option. In addition, he was not conscious of which direction he was going. After a while, he decided to return home. Because his course through the wilderness was so indirect, he had no idea where he was. He looked at his map but could not pinpoint his location. He walked one path after another but soon realized he was lost. The sun was going down, and sudden strong winds gave a hint that it might rain. Immense clouds filled the sky. Awesome sounds of thunder were audible from all directions. It echoed off the mountains. The thought of the eventual storm tormented the young man. He hurried in one direction, but soon switched out of confusion. Luckily, it led him out of the park. When he arrived home, he knew that he had acted like an idiot. He realized he was lucky to be alive. He decided to listen to people with more experience than himself.

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