Mar 5, 2022

Group Discussion Ideas (GD Learning)


♻️⛳☘️🥦Why is earth losing its greenery? ▶️Conclusion: Earth is losing its greenery due to many factors including an increasing number of houses and agriculture. We need to take steps to increase forest cover to restore nature. There is a need to balance the development and restoration of the environment.

🧾♟️Do you think expectations kill happiness? ▶️Conclusion: Having realistic expectations can give us clarity and also can motivate us to work hard. But over expectations can ruin our happiness. So, balance is the key. Moreover, when we work towards meeting our expectations, we should not tie our happiness with the outcome, rather we should appreciate ourselves for the effort we put in.

🦉🥺Are you a night owl or an early bird? ✅ ▶️Conclusion: Morning persons are called early birds and late-night sleepers are called night owls. Our sleep patterns mostly depend on our circadian rhythms, which are part of the body’s internal clock. It is important to understand our circadian rhythm so that we can utilize the best hours of our day to improve productivity.

📍What’s your take on this topic? Have you ever thought about the impact of covid-19 on mental health?🏥👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ ▶️Conclusion: COVID-19 affected the mental health of many. There is a need to increase the availability of mental health professionals. All schools and colleges should recruit psychologists for the benefit of their students. Widespread awareness of mental health issues and the importance of taking help from professionals is needed.

📵📳📲What are your thoughts on life without a phone?✅ ▶️Conclusion: Life without a phone is very difficult in the present times because now we are so dependent on phones for communication. But once in a while, switching off the phone helps us to reclaim our time and to focus on ourselves & our loved ones.

🖥️How can we make the internet a safer place?✅ ▶️Conclusion: The slogan of safe internet day is ‘Together for a better internet. That means we all together can make the internet a safer place especially for children by being cautious about the content we post, reporting the fake and misleading content, supporting and defending the victims of trolling and spreading awareness can pave the way to safer and better internet.

❌🧭Is social media making us less social? ▶️Conclusion: It completely depends on how we use social media. If we use it properly, we can join close-knit communities people based on shared interests. There is a need to guide adolescents about the effect of social media on our social lives. If we think we are getting addicted to social media and are preferring it over real-life interactions, we can go for a digital detox to learn to use social media properly.

📚Consistency Is The Key ▶️ Conclusion: We are what we repeatedly do. Consistency leads to habits. And our habits shape our lives. So, consistency is the key to success. Consistency requires hard work. And hard work always beats talent.

🌍Global Energy Crisis ▶️Conclusion: The prices of major sources of electricity are increasing. To cope with the present demand, short term investments in fossil fuels are needed. And along with that, long term investments in the renewable energy sector should be increased to a great extent to meet the energy security of the world.

❓Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss ▶️Conclusion: ‘Rolling stone gathers no moss’ means the person who does not stay in one place cannot form long-term relationships, wealth etc. One of the modern versions is – A rolling stone that gathers no moss, but it gains a certain polish, which means that a person who does not settle down in mediocre life, learns new things, archives success and will always be creative.

👌👍🌟Confidence vs Knowledge✅ ▶️Conclusion: Both confidence and knowledge are essential to achieve success. However, the importance of each varies depending on the situation.

📌Cashless society❓⁉️ ▶️Conclusion: Encouraging cashless transactions is very much needed because it will save time and money for people and also for institutions. But eliminating cash completely may worsen the situation of some people such as poor people, digital illiterates etc. Moreover, it can be a threat to the right to privacy. So, a completely cashless society is not a good idea, at least for now.

✅❌❎What do you prefer? Books or Movies? 📚🎞️📽️🚚🎬 ▶️Conclusion: Books and movies both are different and entertains us in their own ways. Some prefer to watch movies over reading books. And some like to read the story. It all depends on personal preferences. Both mediums of storytelling give us knowledge, entertainment and sometimes just shows us reality.

🗞️📇Role of media in society✅ ▶️Conclusion: The media should inform news to common people without fear. It should strengthen democracy. Even though some news channels are deteriorating the media standards by broadcasting paid news, biased news, media is still very important for society. It is informing the public about government policies, investigative reports and conducting debates to help the public in forming opinions.

💥Global warming – Causes, Effects & Solutions💪📌 ▶️Conclusion: Global warming is heating up of earth due to the presence of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions in the air. The greenhouse gases trap the sun’s heat. Using renewable energy sources such as solar energy, and wind energy as alternatives to burning fossil fuels can prevent further increases of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Moreover, Sustainable and eco-friendly living can reverse global warming.

🔰What’s your take on blended learning?✅ ▶️Conclusion: Blended learning is a great opportunity to utilize both e-learning and classroom learning to the benefit of students. But the necessary steps should be taken to make the option available to all.

📌How To Deal With International Terrorism? ▶️Conclusion: Terrorism can be completely eradicated if Govt. concentrate mainly on the causes of it because prevention is better than cure. We all have to join our hands to make the world a better place to live in.

💉Do you think the government should make vaccination mandatory for all the eligible population? ✅ ▶️Conclusion: Achieving 100% vaccination is important to reduce the number of severe cases of hospitalization and deaths. Widespread awareness campaigns and incentives help in overcoming vaccine hesitancy. Moreover, there is a need to take strict action against anti-vaxxers campaigns. These steps can help in achieving 100% vaccination.

👩‍💻Is Technology headed in the right direction?✅ ▶️Conclusion: Even though there are some threats of technology to humanity, overall technology progress is headed in the right direction by improving our living standards.

🚜🧺🌽What are your thoughts on smart farming? ✅ ▶️Conclusion: Smart farming has many advantages such as increased productivity of farms, reduced work for farmers etc. It is very much needed as the demand for food is increasing.

✅E-Waste Management ▶️Conclusion :- Government, manufacturers of electronic and electrical goods and public together must take responsibility to develop a good and healthy world.

🎰Should Rapists Be Tortured? ▶️Conclusion :- Our justice system is still imperfect. There are many cases, where innocent persons are suffering in prisons for the crimes they have not committed, and the real criminals are escaping the judicial system. In this situation, we cannot outright torture the accused.

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