Feb 18, 2022


Spot the wrong word in the sentence and tell the correct one 1. I have many friend. 2. She wear a hat. 3. We enjoys watching TV. 4. You can did it! Think positively. 5. My friend is an dentist. 6. I like to be an teacher, too. 7. All the students in our school respects our principal. 8. Mr. Kim always comes to school early. She is very punctual. 9. We are very exciting to have our class. 10. She have a new pair of shoes. 11. He called me a fools. 12. This is the house when Jack was born. 13. She went to the hospital everyday. 14. We is close to each other. 15. My sister is a doctor, so he practices medicine. 16. She wear fashionable clothes. 17. I go out to her on Sundays. 18. They teaches us to improve our English skills. 19. A lot of teachers are there. 20. The rooms are spaciously. 21. I get up early at the morning to go to the institute. 22. We may not brought our booklets tomorrow. 23. I sells my creations to my friends. 24. I always have time to making cakes and cookies. 25. The narrator is creatively in making accessories. 26. My sister collects stamps; he is a philatelist. 27. Her mom cooks good. 28. People should stopped smoking because it is dangerous to their health. 29. Most man smoke cigars. 30. Smoking above public places should be avoided. 31. I leave mu umbrella yesterday at the bus stop. 32. Marlon go to school every day. She is a teacher. 33. I like to dance, to sing, and cooking. 34. There is a lot of goods in the market. 35. I need wash the dishes. 36. Where does you usually eat when you go out? 37. What is your favorite restaurants? 38. Do you know what to cook sushi? 39. I will gone there tomorrow. 40. I is lucky today. 41. Keanu Reeves is my favorite actress. 42. Her talents is singing and drawing. 43. I have a lot of friends. 44. May I borrowed your pen? 45. I will gone to Chine next month. 46. See you on winter. 47. Thank you to your time. 48. They both sings in a choir. 49. Cindy have two candies. 50. You done a great job!

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