Mar 12, 2022



Is it better to marry a woman/man older than you are? Agree/Disagree

Have you fallen in love with an older man/woman than you???

A: Great! So you’re here with Mark. I’ve been looking all over for you. B: Congratulations on your marriage, Jane. And nice to meet you, Paul. A: Thank you. Did you enjoy yourself? B: Yes, a grand wedding party. Have you opened the gift I gave you? A: Yes, thanks a lot. Hawaii is a nice place for the honeymoon. B: What wedding gift did she give you? A: Two plane tickets to Hawaii. I want to thank you as well, Mark. I loved the picture. It’s just what we need. B: I’m glad you like them… It’s late. I think I’ll have to go now. A: I’m leaving too. Let me give you a ride.

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