Feb 25, 2022


• Animals should have the same rights as humans • Legalize Gay marriage • Electric cars are impractical • Everyone should be vegetarian • Zoos should be banned • Death penalty • School uniforms should be mandatory • Social Media (harmful/beneficial) • Cigarettes should be banned • Is technology going to save the world. . . or kill it? • Artificial intelligence is dangerous • Should humans colonize other planets? • Vaccination should be mandatory • What's better: traditional or online education? • All kids over 10 should have a mobile phone • Being an only child is better than having siblings • Should alcohol be sold after 10 pm? • Unpaid internships should be against the law • The government should give all kids an allowance • Robots should have rights • Will the development of artificial intelligence harm or benefit humankind?

1. Final exams should be abolished 2. It’s better to be good at academics than to be good at sports 3. Students should be required to wear school uniforms 4. Private schools are better than public schools 5. Year-round school is better for students 6. Every student should have to participate in athletics 7. All students should be required to volunteer in their community 8. Junk food should be banned in school cafeterias 9. Single-gender schools are better for students 10. Math is the most important school subject 11. Letter grades should be abolished 12. Teachers should be replaced by computers 13. People who get better grades in school will be more successful in life 14. Sometimes it’s OK to cheat on homework or a test 15. Students who fail a test should be given the chance to take it again 16. Students should be allowed to grade teachers 17. Everyone should be able to bring their pets to school 18. The school days should be shorter 19. Schools should eliminate dress codes 20. Everyone should be required to go to college 21. College should be free for everyone who wants to attend 22. Life skills like cooking and personal finance should be taught in school

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