Mar 11, 2022

Culture Differences for Kids


▶️ If you could be a sound, what would it be?

▶️ How would you change the world if you could?

▶️ What's the coolest thing you saw someone do today?

▶️ If you could choose a new name for yourself, what would it be, and why?

▶️ Who is your best friend and why?

▶️ What is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to you?

▶️ What do you think your life will be like in the future?

▶️ What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

▶️High schools (Do students wear special school attire like uniforms? Can students drive to their high school? Can students drink water in class?)

▶️ What do you know how to do that you can teach to others?

▶️Parenting and punishment (What kind of punishment have you received at school or home? Do you believe in physical punishment?)

▶️Video games (Do you play video games? What types of video games are popular?)

▶️Pop culture (Who are pop culture icons in your home country?)

▶️Jobs (What jobs exist? Is it easy to get a job after graduation? Is it easy to find a job now?)

▶️Holidays (What is your favorite holiday? What type of food do you eat on specific holidays?)

▶️School clubs (What unique school clubs are there? Which club are you in? Why did you choose that club?)

▶️Country work ethic (How long are typical work hours? Do students work after graduating?)

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