Mar 11, 2022

Culture Differences for Adult


"Cross-Cultural Interviewing: Overcoming Cultural Differences" 1 Which country are you from? 2 What is your native language? 3 What is the role of the men in your society? 4 What is the role of women in your society? 5 How is education handled in your culture? 6 How is education funded in your country? 7 What is the most popular form of entertainment in your life/country? 8 What is considered the most respectful/disrespectful in your culture? 9 What would you say is the most commonly held misconception about people of your culture? 10 Have you ever experienced racism? 11 What can be done about racism and prejudice, in your opinion? 12 What is your opinion of American society? 13 Describe the work environment or culture in which you are most productive and happy? 14 How do you define success?

💥Work dinner parties (Do wives and husbands attend work parties?)

💥Restaurant tips (Are tips at restaurants common? How much is a reasonable tip?)

💥Gestures (What are some unique gestures (thumbs up, middle finger, etc) in your country?)

💥Gift exchange (When you travel, is it common to exchange gifts? How about Christmas or any other holidays?)

💥Safety and crime (Do you think your neighborhood is safe? What kind of crimes happen in your area?)

💥Punctuality (How often are friends late? How about buses and trains? Is it rude being late?)

💥Food and health (What is a typical meal? How healthy is it? Are gyms becoming more popular?)

💥Sports (How do sports players show respect after a game? Are there any unique sports in your country?)

💥Multiculturalism (Is your country multicultural? Is multiculturalism a good thing?)

💥Gender discrimination (Do women and men make the same amount of money for doing the same job? Is there much gender discrimination in your home country?)

💥 Why is it important to respect individual differences?

💥 Why is learning about your culture important?

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