May 25, 2023

Conversation practice..!!!

Linda: Hello? Ryan: Hi Linda, it’s Ryan. How’s it going? Linda: Pretty good, thanks. How about you? Ryan: I’m fine. Sure glad it’s Friday. Hey, is Peter there? Linda: Yeah, hold on, I’ll get him. Peter! Ryan’s on the phone. Peter: Hey Ryan, what’s up? Ryan: Not much. Are you up for going fishing this weekend? Peter: What? There’s a lot of background noise – I can barely hear you. Ryan: Sorry about that – I’m at the train station. I was wondering if you wanted to go fishing this weekend. I’m heading up to Mountain Lake with some friends early tomorrow morning. Peter: Uh, hang on a sec, let me just check with my wife to make sure we have no other plans. Ryan: Sure. Peter: Okay, she’s given me the green light! Ryan: Sweet! We’ll pick you up at 6 tomorrow morning, is that OK? Peter: Yup. Do you need directions to my place? Ryan: Uh, you still living on Willow Street, near the community center? Peter: Yeah, that’s right. The yellow house, number 30. Ryan: Gotcha. I know how to get there. Peter: All right – see you tomorrow, then. Ryan: Take care. Peter: Bye.

Helen: Midtown Computer Solutions, Helen speaking. How can I help you? Ryan: Hello, this is Ryan Bardos. May I speak with Natalie Jones, please? Helen: One moment please – I’ll put you through. Helen: Mr. Bardos? I’m sorry, Natalie’s in a meeting at the moment. Would you like to leave a message? Ryan: Yes, could you ask her to call me back as soon as possible? It’s pretty urgent. Helen: Of course. Does she have your number? Ryan: She has my office number, but let me also give you my cell – it’s 472-555-8901. Helen: Let me read that back to you – 472-555-8901. Ryan: That’s right. Helen: And could you spell your last name for me? Ryan: B as in Boston – A – R – D as in dog – O – S as in September Helen: Okay, Mr. Bardos. I’ll give her the message. Ryan: Thanks a lot. Bye.

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