Mar 29, 2022


How important is communication for you?

Have you considered yourself an effective communicator?

Communication Process - come across with the message being delivered without any misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

Mediums of Communication: 1. In-person: Emails/Drawings 2. Phone conversation: Text/photos 3. Voice-over: Report/Body language 4. Radio: Letter/Graphs 5. Podcast: Memo/Font Styles 6. Voicemail: Blog/Semaphore 7. Intercom: Tweet/Intercom

Have you been pursuing self-improvement regarding communication?

Communication Barriers: 1. Physical 2. Interpersonal 3. Emotional 4. Cultural 5. Language 6. Gender

­čôî"The key to success is the constant pursuit of self-improvement" -The Coaching Room, 2016

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