Feb 20, 2022


News Stories 7: A Burglary on Alder St Good evening! I’m Chris Gunn and I’m here with your news at nine. Police are investigating a burglary at a residence on Alder St. late last night. The burglary occurred while the residents were sleeping. Several thousand dollars worth of tools were taken from the garage. Entry was gained through an unlocked window. Police are asking anyone with information to contact them. A Campbell River man pleaded guilty to the charge of trafficking narcotics. The man was arrested last November when he tried to sell cocaine to an undercover police officer. The man has been sentenced to serve three years in prison. A cougar was spotted in the Beaver Lands Park this morning. Parents are advised to keep their small children near them at all times when walking in the park. Dog owners are also advised to keep their dogs on a leash or leave them at home. And that’s today’s news at nine.

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