Mar 2, 2022


DISCUSSION 1. Do you agree that phone calls and video calls are better than emails and text messages? 2. Do you agree that working as a team could give you greater success than working on your own? 3. Do you feel that being an extrovert will bring you happiness? Why or why not?

1 What is your most embarrassing story? 2 What food would you choose for your last meal? 3 What makes you angry? 4 What makes you laugh hysterically? 5 How do you relax and unwind? 6 Whose death hit you hardest? 7 What songs would be on the soundtrack of your life? 8 What never fails to make you happy? 9 What is a lie you told as a teenager? 10 If you could marry any celebrity, who would you choose? 11 What is one fact about you that most people would never guess? 12 What is your guilty pleasure? 13 What is the first thing you notice when meeting new people? 14 What animal are you most like? 15 What was the best trip you ever took? 16 What is one item on your bucket list? 17 How do you define success? 18 Describe your dream house. 19 What is your worst habit? 20 What is your greatest recent achievement? 21 What was the last book you read? 22 What was the last skill or fact you learned? 23 What was your favorite subject in school?

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