Mar 16, 2022

2) Intermediate English Grammar Exercises

A. Think of ONE word that fits into each blank! 1, Let me begin my speech ____________ saying that most people want to work. 2. I'm afraid we can't employ you. We hired a new girl a few weeks ____________. 3. I turned ____________ the offer because it meant I would have to work on Saturdays and Sundays. 4. They ____________ married a few years ago. 5. Could I ____________ some money from you. I'll be sure to give it back next week. 6. On the one hand I'd like to go to Mexico, but on the ____________ hand I don't have the money for that kind of trip. 7. I am looking ____________ to meeting my new boss. 8. The new invention was named ____________ its creator. 9. In ____________ of being a vegetarian she didn't have any problems eating a hamburger. 10. The match was called ____________ because of heavy rain.

B. Complete the sentences with the adjectives from the box . annoying - awful - boring - great - interesting - pregnant - scary - stressful - strong - sunburnt 1. Have you heard the good news ? - Mary's ______________ . That's wonderful ? When is it due ? 2. That was a ______________ film we saw on TV yesterday. - So much blood and horrible scenes. 3. It was a ______________ school week. On Monday we had two tests and on Wednesday I had to hand in my presentation. 4. He's from Texas. You can tell that because he has such a ______________ accent whenever he speaks. 5. When I opened the door I saw that the whole room was a mess and nobody had tidied it up. It was pretty ______________. 6, They played a ______________ game and beat the other team 5-1. 7. History is an ______________ subject. I love learning about life in ancient Egypt and how the Romans lived. 8. I can't stand him any more. He always promises to do things but never gets them done. It's so ______________. 9. Our teacher is so ______________. He says the same things over and over again. I often fall asleep during lessons. 10. Be careful not to get ______________. It can cause skin cancer

C. Complete the sentences with a form of GET and one of the words from the box. EXERCISE - IMPRESSION - PAID - READY - RID - TOUCH - WORSE 1. I haven't written to Jim in ages. I really ought to _________ in _________ with him. 2. I think footballers ______________ far too much. 3. My throat is ______________. I think I ought to see a doctor. 4. My car kept breaking down all the time, so we decided to _______________ of it. 5. I spent the day _______________ for the Christmas holidays, buying presents, wrapping gifts and doing other things. 6. I think we had a wonderful evening yesterday but I _________ the _________ that he was bored. 7. I'm going out on my bike; I need to _________ some _________.

D. Complete the article with the correct form of TAKE, MAKE, KEEP or PUT. Fun at Danish schools In Denmark, some pupils stay at school from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In the afternoon they usually ___________ part in activities from roller-skating to watching films. It's a system that working parents and their children use and appreciate. Parents who work long hours know that professionals are ___________ care of their children. Meanwhile, the children ___________ friends with other students and enjoy various types of activities. The older pupils ___________ an eye on the younger ones and the younger kids learn from the older children's experience. After-school clubs, which are separate from the main school building, are not homework clubs. Nobody is there to ___________ an exam or ___________ up with their homework. The idea is that children ___________ up new interests and activities that are not on the school's timetable. The atmosphere is relaxed and pupils only do their homework if they want to. The number of schools offering these clubs ___________ on growing. According to Danish professionals, after-school clubs don't ___________ pressure on the pupils to study. They offer choice and the freedom to do what they want in their spare time.

E. Decide whether to use MAKE or DO in the phrases below ! 1. _________ a decision 2. _________ an arrangement 3. _________ somebody a favour 4. _________ a mess 5. _________ an excuse 6. _________ research 7. _________ a suggestion 8. _________ progress 9. _________ your best 10. _________ the housework 11. _________ the shopping F. Complete the sentences with an expression from the list above. Use the right tense ! 1. Can you ___________________? Will you give me a lift into town ? 2. Little Johnny has been painting at the kitchen table. I'm afraid he's ___________________. There's paint everywhere. 3. It doesn't matter if you don't pass the test. Just ___________________! 4. We can't go on discussing this problem all day. We need to ___________________ now and stick to it. 5. My brother is a scientist. He's currently ___________________ into the causes of global warming. 6. I've been learning Chinese for three years but I haven’t ______________ much ______________. It's such a difficult language ! 7. Chris ___________________. He said we could all go out tonight. 8, The party was really boring so I ___________________ and left. I said that I had to finish some homework.

G. Complete the sentences using the words and phrases from the box. on time - in time - took so long - take my time - the right time - spend time - save time - lose track of time - time consuming 1. When I surf the net I often _____________. Before I know it a few hours have gone by. 2. At the weekend I try to _____________ with my family. 3. I find writing notes by hand very _____________ . 4. We booked a taxi but it _____________ to arrive so that we were late for the party. 5. Excuse me, do you have _____________? I have an appointment at five and I really want to get there _____________. 6. I ran for the bus but I didn't get there _____________. 7. I got up very early so that I could _____________ getting ready. 8. I try to make my lunch the night before in order to _____________.

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