Mar 13, 2022

1) Elementary English Grammar Exercises

A. Exercise instructions: Complete the following questions using the words in brackets. All questions are in the PRESENT SIMPLE: 1. How often (you/see) _______________________ your brother? 2. Where (you/work) _______________________ ? 3. Where (he/be) _______________________ from? ∼ He's from Hamburg. 4. Where (he/work) _______________________ ? ∼ He works in a bank in London. 5. Where (they/work) _______________________ ? ∼ They work in a shop in Liverpool. 6. How long (it/take) _______________________ you to drive to work each day? 7. Which university (Tom/go) ________________________ to? ∼ He goes to Oxford. 8. How much (the book/cost) __________________________? ∼ It’s 10 euros. 9. Why (you/smoke) __________________________ so much? It's so unhealthy. 10. Where (they/spend) __________________________ their weekends?

B. Exercise instructions: Choose the best answer to fill the gap in each of the following. 1. I ________________ like tea, but I like coffee. a. don't b. does c. do d. doesn't 2. Where _________________ you work? a. does b. do c. doesn’t 3. Where _____________________ your mother live? a. don’t b. do c. does 4. How often _____________________ see your friends? a. do you b. you do c. you don’t 5. She _____________________ live in London, she lives in Paris. a. does b. doesn’t c. don’t d. do 6. _____________________ to go to the cinema tonight? a. want you b. do you want c. are you 7. What _____________________ this word mean? a. don’t b. does c. doesn’t d. do 8. _____________________ they live in a house or a flat? a. doesn’t b. does c. do 9. The house _____________________ a garden. a. doesn’t have b. haven’t c. don’t have d. doesn’t 10. What time _____________________ ? a. leaves the bus b. does the bus leave c. the bus leaves

C. Use either WAS or WERE in each space. 1. ______ you at home last night? 2. ______ this hotel open last year? 3. ______ Mike and his mother at the airport to meet you? 4. ______ the weather good in Spain or ______ it cold? 5. ______ you at the party last night? ______ Amanda? 6. ______ I here before? I recognize it. 7. ______ you bored at the meeting? I was! 8. ______ my sister at the house when you were there?

D. Decide if each sentence is Correct or Wrong. 1. You were the only person in the restaurant? Correct Wrong 2. I was very tired yesterday after the Spanish exam. Correct Wrong 3. Jessica, your grandmother, was be a famous artist many years ago. Correct Wrong 4. The price of milk is $3 today. Last week, was it only $2.70. Correct Wrong 5. Were the two chairs broken last week? Correct Wrong 6. Your brother wasn't tired last night, he was sick! Correct Wrong 7. Look at my jeans! They weren't dirty like that before. Correct Wrong 8. This town was very boring when I wasn't young. Correct Wrong

E. Use the prompts (in the same order) to make full sentences. You will need to add a past tense of the verb "to be" too. 1. John / at school / yesterday? _____________________________ 2. the weather / Paris / hot? _____________________________ 3. how much / tickets / concert? _____________________________ 4. why / plane / so late? _____________________________ 5. how long / you / at the museum / Saturday? _____________________________ 6. your cat / afraid / storm / yesterday evening? _____________________________ 7. your English test / difficult / easy? _____________________________ 8. your house / big / when / you / child? _____________________________

F. Select the correct verb. 1. They ______ thirsty this morning. were are 2. We ______ thirsty now. were are 3. I ______ hungry and want a hamburger. am was 4. Yesterday I ______ hungry. I ate two hamburgers. am was 5. Caroline ______ in a car accident last week. is was 6. Where ______ Caroline now? was is 7. Where is your computer? It ______ on the table. is was 8. Where was your computer last night? It ______ in my room. was is 9. Karl ______ on the train now. was is 10. Karl and Caroline ______ on the train last Friday. were are

G. Fill in the boxes with the correct form of each verb. Verbs return go have dream leave have arrive say take ask read go read go buy not take read take swim leave be watch go drink Tom got up very early yesterday morning and ____________ a bath. Then he ____________ down to the kitchen and ____________ two pieces of toast and ____________ a glass of milk. Tom works in the local hospital and, yesterday he ____________ the house at about 8 o'clock. He ____________ the number ten bus and he ____________ at work at 8.30. He ____________ 'good morning' to his secretary, Maura, and then he ____________ all the letters that were on his table. Then he ____________ Maura for a cup of coffee and he ____________ four very important letters. At one o'clock, Tom ____________ for lunch in a cafe and ____________ his newspaper. He to the office at two o'clock and at six. He ____________ the bus because a friend ____________ him in the car. In the evening, he ____________ in the local swimming pool and ____________ shopping in the local supermarket where he ____________ a lot of food. He ____________ very tired in the evening so he ____________ television. He ____________ to bed at 11 o'clock and he ____________ about winning the lottery.

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