May 17, 2022

Voice Over Scripts

YOU ARE TUNED IN 96.1 FM, AND THE PROGRAM ON AIR IS “LOVE INDUSTRY” A PROGRAM THAT IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY YOURS TRULY EVERY FRIDAY AFTERNOON. AND TODAY WE ARE HOSTING SOME OF THE POEMS THAT ADD SPICE AND HEAL BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS. WITH YOU IN THE STUDIO IS DJ ROCK. The shadows of your smile explores the joy in my heart The twinkling of your eyes gives me hope for a brighter tomorrow with you The feeling of your touch relieves me from the day’s stress And the softness of your voice gives me confidence to believe in myself   If I was a rainbow I would show my colors for you If I was a songbird I would sing a song for you Beautiful what a miracle that you would sacrifice for our love Your faithful word will always be my guide All I want to do is to spend the rest of my life with you Life without love loses its meaning Love is magic the more you give it away Melody of love fill the breeze when we are together The roses sway in a systematic manner The birds whisper harmoniously in the silent and blessed night While dreaming our sweetest dreams Am longing for that day when this dream will come to life A dream of having you in my arms A dream of seeing you around me Am privileged to have you in my life. WE NOW COME TO THE END OF OUR TODAY’S SHOW, JOIN ME NEXT TIME SAME PLACE, SAME TIME, SAME FREQUENCIES, I HAVE BEEN YOUR HOST, DJ ROCK. HERE IN 96.1, CLICK FM. THANKYOU FOR LISTENING.

DJ ON CUE HELLO AND WELCOME TO OUR TODAY’S PROGRAME “LOVE INDUSTRY” This is DJ ROCK AND TODAY WE ARE GOING TO LOOK AT SOME OF THE POEMS THAT SPICE UP AND HEAL BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS IN OUR DAILY LIVES....... In a desert full of sorrows and desperation I found an oasis of hope which has linked me to you Promising never to dry-up A sign of endurance and an emblem of our love Reaching the heights of the better option In a wonderful world far beyond the sky. As you build-up my faith mountain high You deeply warm my heart with a wondrous orange smile And now being crowned in the comfort of your love You make me rollick in the safety of your arms I cannot therefore ask for more than your love Because my life has been complete since I found you. I WILL BE TAKING A GLASS OF WATER AND COME BACK WITH MORE AFTER THE BREAK, STAY TUNED IN 96.1- CLICK FM.

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Soft/ Emotional Voice Overs Pet Adoption Service We all need that special someone. Someone to make you laugh. Someone to listen. Someone to appreciate your cooking, but also to get you off the couch. Someone to be your best friend. Adopt your special someone today at Australian Animal Protection Society.

Donating Blood Did you know that one in three of us will need blood, or blood products, at some point in our lives? Yet only 1 in 30 Australians actually donate blood. Be the type to help save lives. Do something special. Give blood today.

Soft/ Emotional Voice Overs Fire Safety It’s bushfire season, and for a lot of families that means hoping for the best, and planning for the worst. Have your fire safety plan in place this summer, or you might leave more than just memories behind.

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