Jul 7, 2023

Topic discussion with innocent boy (social media)

1️⃣ Does social media contribute to the spread of fake news?

2️⃣ Can social media platforms lead to increased feelings of loneliness and isolation?

3️⃣ Does excessive social media use impact mental health negatively?

4️⃣ Can social media be a platform for cyberbullying and harassment?

5️⃣ Does social media encourage addictive behaviors and time wastage?

6️⃣ Can social media promote unhealthy body image and self-esteem issues?

7️⃣ Does social media contribute to the erosion of privacy and personal data security?

8️⃣ Can social media platforms amplify social polarization and political divisions?

9️⃣ Does social media facilitate the spread of hate speech and online extremism?

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