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LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. To know the specific verb endings for AR, ER, and IR Spanish verbs in future tense. 2. To be able to conjugate Spanish verbs in the future. 3. To learn different Spanish verbs and add them to our vocabulary.

INTRODUCTION OF THE LESSON When something will be done or will occur in the future, it is said to be in the future tense. In Spanish, there are verb endings that can be used to express future action, similar to how we do in English when we use "will." When utilizing the future tense, keep in mind that the action has not yet happened but is going to happen soon. The phrase "I will eat something sweet later" (in Spanish, "Yo comeré algo dulce más tarde") is a good example of this. It indicates that the speaker "I" is not currently eating anything sweet and hasn't eaten anything sweet in the past, but rather WILL eat something sweet LATER.

EXAMPLE QUESTIONS 1. Yo ______ mañana. A. Trabajamos B. Trabajaré C. Trabajó D. Trabajé 2. ¿tú _____ en la fiesta de cumpleaños de Felix? A. Cantarás B. Cantar C. Cantará D. Cantaré 3. Ellas _____ juntos para el examén. A. Estudiará B. Estudiamos C. Estudiarán D. Estudiaré 4. Ustedes _____ paella más tarde. A. Cocinar B. Cocinando C. Cocinaré D. Cocinarán 5. Mañana, mi amiga Juliana _____ un Iphone. A. Compraré B. Comprará C. Compramos D. Comprarán

6. Yo _____ contigo despues de la fiesta, vale? A. Habló B. Hablaramos C. Hablaré D. Hablando 7. Él _____ una carta. A. Escribiré B. Escribiendo C. Escribiro D. Escribirá 8. ¿usted _____ en la casa hoy? A. Será B. Estará C. Estaré D. Seré 9. Nosotros no ______ alcohol esta noche A. Beber B. Tomando C. Tomaremos D. Bebiendo 10. ¿tú ______ futbol mañana? A. Jugarás B. Jugará C. Juega D. Jugarán

ANSWER SHEET 1. B 2. A 3. C 4. D 5. B 6. C 7. D 8. B 9. C 10. A

LESSON SUMMARY Spanish verbs ending in AR, ER, and IR all have the same endings in the future tense. Simply keep in mind that you are speaking about an event that will or shall occur while using the future tense.

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