Apr 6, 2022

Daily English Conversation Dialogues


(Formal Greeting) Jane: Good morning, Doctor Rizza, how are you doing? Doctor Rizza: Good morning, Jane. I am doing well. And you? Jane: I’m great, thank you. This is my friend Leila. She is thinking about joining the hospital but she has a few questions about the administration there. Would you mind telling her about the administration, please? Doctor Rizza: Hello, Leila! It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m more than happy to speak with you. Please stop by my chamber tomorrow. Leila: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Doctor. Thank you so much for helping us. Doctor Rizza: Don’t mention it. Hopefully, I will be able to help you out in this matter.

(Informal Greeting) Rann: “Hey Harry, how have you been? Long time no see!” Harry: “Hey! What a surprise! Yes, you are right, we haven’t seen each other in a long time. How have you been?” Rann: “There is an important campaign next week which is keeping me busy otherwise rest is going good in my life. How about you?” Harry: “Oh! I just finished a meeting with a very important client of mine and now I finally have some free time. I feel relieved that I’m done with it.” Rann: “Good for you then. Hey! Let’s make a plan and catch up with each other after next week. What do you say?” Harry” “Sure, why not? Give me a call when you are done with your project.” Rann: Sure, then. Bye, take care. Harry: Bye buddy.

(Formal Introduction) Aylin: Good morning Mr. David, I’d like you to meet Dr. Sen. Mr. David: Good morning. It’s nice to meet you, Dr. Sen Dr. Sen: Pleasure to meet you, too. Aylin: Dr. Sen is from the UK. She just finished writing a book on cancer prevention. Mr. David: I also belong to that field. I work for the United Nations. Dr. Sen: If I am not wrong, are you from the development program team? Mr. David: Yes you are right but how did you know? Dr. Sen: I’ve read some of your previous articles. They’re very good.

(Informal Introduction) Mike: Who’s that woman in a red dress next to Reema? Kieth: That’s her friend Sara. Didn’t you meet her at the picnic last month? Mike: No, I couldn’t make it to the picnic, my mother was not well at that time. Kieth: Oh! Yes, I forgot that. Then let me introduce you to her now. Sara, this is my friend Mike. Sara: Hi, Mike. Nice to meet you, hope you are doing fine. Mike: Yes, hope you are well too. Would you like to have some coffee? Sara: Sure, let’s go get and have two cups of espresso.

(Daily Conversation Dialogue in English for Coincidences) Srini: Hey!, hello there, Jenny! Long time no see! Jenny: Srini! Hi! Wow! What a coincidence! It’s been ages that I haven’t seen you! What are you doing here? Srini: Yes Jenny, you are right. Probably the last time we met was in 2006. Well, I just got a new job in the city, so I’m shopping for some trousers. Hey, what do you think of these trousers? Jenny: Hmmm … well, you know how much I love black. See? I am even wearing a top of the same colour! Srini: Yes I already noticed that. You always did have good taste!

(Daily Life English Dialogues about Weather) Jenny: It’s like flooding outside! What happened to the weather report? I thought this depression was supposed to pass. Kim: Yeah, we all thought so too. That’s what I read online this morning. I missed my office for this too. Jenny: I guess a thunderstorm is on its way too. Kim: Can we go inside? I am already half wet!

(Daily Routine Dialogue in English for Meal Ordering) Waiter: Hello, good evening. Can I start you off with some refreshing drink? Rana: Yes. I’ll have iced tea, please. Tim: And I’ll have a chocolate cold coffee. Waiter: Ok. Should I take your order now, or do you need a few minutes more? Rana: No no we are ready, you can take the order. I’ll have the corn mushroom soup to start, and the grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and peas. And, please also bring a bowl of garlic rice. Waiter: Sure sir. How do you want the chicken— low spicy, medium, or high on spice? Rana: Medium spice, please. Tim: And I’ll just have the beef, with bread and a salad.

(Daily English Dialogues for Asking Directions) Maggie: Excuse me. Could you tell me where the shopping mall is? Nick: Yes, it’s that way. You go two blocks to Beckham Street, then turn left. It’s in the second building, across from the library. Maggie: Thank you so much! I’ve only been in town two days ago, so I really don’t know my way around yet. Nick: Oh, I totally understand how you feel. I also moved here a year ago for my job, and still, I don’t know where everything is!

(Dialogues Everyday Conversations English for After Class Meeting) Lily: Hey! How did your geography test go? Mary: Not really bad, thanks. I’m just glad that all the exams are over! How about you …how’d your practical examination go? Lily: Oh, it went really well. I can’t thank you enough for helping me with it! I owe you a treat for that. Mary: It’s my pleasure. So … Do you feel like preparing a bit for the math exam scheduled for next week? Lily: Yeah, sure! Meet me at the library after 7 then? Mary: All right. I’ll bring my notes too then. Lily: Sure. See you then. Bye.

(Daily English Conversation Dialogues for Beginners for Asking for Help) PG: Hey! That truck just ran a red light and hit that bus! JV: Oh no! That’s bad. Is anyone hurt? PG: Nobody knows that yet … I should call 911. … Hello? I’d like to report An accident near the library on Henry Lane. It looks like a man who was probably the truck driver is hurt. Yes, it just happened 2 minutes back. Thank you. Bye. JV: Good that you called. What did they say? PG: I told them about the location. They assured me that an ambulance will come here very soon. JV: Good, they’re here. I hope the driver is ok. PG: I know. Hope everyone is fine. We should wait until the ambulance arrives. JV: Absolutely.

(Telephonic Dialogues for Everyday Conversations in English) Rain: Hi, Ssari, it’s Rain. How are you? What are your plans for today? Ssari: Oh, hi, Rain! I was just thinking about giving you a call. Well, I am free today, what about you? Rain: That’s nice. I was wondering if you’d like to go to a dinner party tonight Ssari: Sure, I’d love to! Where is the party? Rain: It’s in the Park Hotel? Ssari: Sounds great! Rain: Ok I’ll pick you up around 8:30. We will probably reach the hall by 9 p.m. Ssari: Great! See you then. Bye!

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