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Get Khmer conversation practice with like-minded people from around the world Simply choose your stage, Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced, Proficient. Then, let natural conversation flow!

Culture of Learning

Hilokal is not a dating app or a lifestyle contest. We keep profile photos small. We encourage Khmer conversation practice focused content, and strictly enforce our community guidelines. You’ll see immediately that everything in Hilokal is designed to help you learn to speak Khmer and share your native language.


Custom Emojis

With Hilokal, we’re always updating custom emojis and badges in our Khmer speaking app. Sometimes there’s no right word to express how you feel - in any language, but there is the perfect emoji to truly express what’s really on your mind. Make Khmer conversation practice fun by expressing yourself and showing off your achievements with badges.


Track Progress

Stay motivated with daily Khmer speaking streaks. Learning how to speak Khmer is all about practicing consistently and often. Language learning is not a sprint, it’s a marathon! You can also set talk-time goals for yourself. If you only have 5 minutes to practice your new vocabulary, those 5 minutes will be added to your total talk time. It feels good!


How to start speaking Khmer on Hilokal


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Choose from our 1000s of live and scheduled Khmer speaking app audio tables. Filter by language, level, partners, and communities.

❸ Listen until you’re ready to speak

You can choose to be a listener, and just send chat messages, images and emojis while you learn from other’s live audio conversations.

❹ Ready to speak out? 🚀

Click the🪑‘take a seat’ icon to let the table host know you’re ready to learn to speak Khmer and join the conversation!


Free Forever

Our goal is to give everyone an equal opportunity to learn to speak Khmer. Khmer tutors, schools and courses can be very expensive. With all the fancy technology in the world, speaking to people around the world should be free. At Hilokal, we created this vision through our free Khmer speaking app and it'll stay that free forever!

Join In or Create Your Own Conversational Lessons!

You have the power to block, kick and report anyone who interrupts your Khmer conversation practice. You have the power to accept or decline messages from strangers. Feel free to create public or private audio rooms and cafe communities. You are in control of your journey into learning how to speak Khmer.


Everyone will be impressed with your Khmer skills

Hilokal is the easiest way to practice Khmer speaking online free. Yes, free! If you’re not ready to speak out yet, that’s no problem. Our drop-in audio chatrooms make it easy to just listen until you’re ready to start learning how to speak Khmer through your own conversation. As a listener you can send chat messages and fun emojis. Not sure what to say when you’re ready to talk? There are thousands of topics and hundreds of verified Khmer trainers will make that part easy.

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