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Online Event
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  • 8:00 PM
    Self-introduction & small talk from common features.
  • 8:30 PM
    Converse/Debate topics that the host prepares.
  • 9:00 PM
    Conclusion & Inform topics for next meeting
  • The meeting will be conducted in English and Korean.
  • Throughout this meeting, you will be able to broaden your knowledge and understanding of Korean people and culture.


Let’s talk about the cultural difference between Korean and your countries.

Ex1) Why do Korean people ask invasive questions? You can tell them standards.

Ex2) Difference of beauty standards - Pale skin vs Tanned skin

Ex3) Asking/Knowing blood type





It is such a nice way to make Korean friends and get to know Korean culture.


I will devote my whole attention to organising this group to help your Korean experience!



Generally, we will speak in English unless you can speak any Korean.

I will manage the proportion of Korean and English used during this meeting as long as your Korean level is above beginner who’s able to make basic sentences.


Please don’t worry about your Korean level, I’ll make you feel comfy!





To make Korean friends to hang out and share your culture

To improve your Korean!


To get high marks on TOPIK




Good day! This is Lee.

I used to live in 5 different countries for the last 5 years. And I learned how to respect their culture.

On top of that I traveled all over New Zealand by hitchhiking and I really enjoyed having conversations about culture!






In 2020, I passed the final interview in the Aviation company.

In 2019, I belonged to the 5th league and football team in Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland.

In 2018, Studied at University of Central Oklahoma, US.

In 2017 - 2016, Worked at New Zealand and participated in Futsal league, Christchurch.

In 2016, Studied at Iloilo Philippines to improve English.

In 2016 - 2015, Lived in Australia with a working holiday visa.


Must book by: 7:30 PM
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