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  • 7:30 PM
    Conversation in Korean and English / Topics from Keywords
  • 8:00 PM
    Conversation in English / Topics from Tampering with Love
  • 8:30 PM
    End of the meetup
  • Any 2 drinks on the menu
  • You can discuss the topic you want with keywords
  • You can make various friends with our group
  • You can get points for your love skills



Welcome to our KT(Keywords & Tampering with Love) meeting. My name is Will.

The person who will be the leader of this group. Various topics and stories made by foreigners of various nationalities and friendly Koreans.

Come on and join us !

You will study English through keywords, and it is a study that allows you to take even romance skills you never thought of.

If you have any concerns about English or dating with your gf/bf, what are you waiting for !?





During this meetup you will talk about topic that we have and share with us your brilliant ideas or episode.


Keywords (3 keywords will be update every week)

-Chooses your favorite music. We will talk about music.

-Tell us, which was your favorite travel in your life. Let's share an episode about the travel destination.


-Let's talk about the most difficult part time job that you have.


Tampering with Love (We will going to receive episode and talk about that next week)

Do you ever felt someone that attractive? Even he/she was not your type?

Person that I love vs. Person that he/she loves me


What is the most important part when date a gf or bf?






Through meetings with Koreans and foreigners, you can hear the opinions of many people, acknowledge the difference so that people are different not wrong.

When the pandemic over, we will become mutual mates and do various outdoor activities.

Games such as one card and blackjack are welcome, and games that can be played as simple as board games and mafia games are also welcome. Lol

In order to prevent the Too much Talker, it is a true friend-making meeting where team members who do not share their opinions at the discretion of the leader have various questions and talk in equal circumstances.



Must book by: 7:00 PM
Online Zoom Meeting