New English-Korean Language exchange in Jonggak


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New English-Korean Language exchange in Jonggak

Event Details

  • Jan 16th, Thu
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Corner Be Cafe
    서울 종로구 청계천로 77-1


  • Just pay for one drink to enter
  • 2 hour English - Korean language exchange
  • Chance to meet new people



Host: Liza


Going: 6

Invite a friend to

When they make their first purchase,
you will both receive a credit for 5,000₩.


Hello!! This is a meetup where you can meet new people and practice speaking English and Korean. This is a very supportive meetup so there will be a lot of positive people.

In the Jongak Area, there are a lot of companies and academies so at 7pm a lot of people like to meet up after work and school to talk, connect learn and make new friends. There will be workers, students, and travellers.

Just imagine catching up with friends over a beer in a pub. As host, I prefer to hear about your interests than mine, so I end up asking a lot of questions. I’ll prepare a few topics we can start from, but other than that it’s mostly just free-talking. As a result, we all learn a lot about each other!

Is this meetup right for me?

You may be wondering if your Korean or English level is right or not. I don’t think that’s the right question. The right question is, “am I willing to put myself out there so I can improve?” Even if you’re not exactly fluent, you can sit there, listen, and contribute broken sentences. I’ll support you. And if you keep working at it, you will improve and that’s what this is all about.

What to expect?

After entering the cafe you'll see the host on the first floor on the left side. Simply order a drink and come join the table. We'll breifly introduce our selves and then start talking about the topic that I prepared. We don't always use the topics because some times we'll just strike up a conversation and just keep talking. For people with language levels a bit lower, they typically do more listening that speaking but it's still valuable because they keep coming back! 

As for beginner Korean learners, they typically speak in English and then ask a lot of questions about different Korean words, expressions, grammars and culture. If you're conversational in Korean, feel free to speak Korean only. At 8PM we'll do a table rotation and a loterry so that you can sit beside new people and strike up new conversations. I'll give out some snacks for the lottery. (We usually end up sharing the snacks anyways!)

About Your Host [David]

I’ve been in Korea for 5 years and I felt like my Korean was increasing quite well in the first 2 years but I’ve really plateaued. I joined a university Korean program and I didn’t find it helpful. I sat in class more than actually doing any Korean. That's one reason I started this group, because I want to improve my Korean. Another reason, I'd love to make new friends in the Jongak area.

Hope to see you there! 나중에 봐요!!


Corner Be Cafe
서울 종로구 청계천로 77-1

Event Timeline

Time? What?
7:00 PM Meet and greet
8:00 PM Table Rotation
9:00 PM Meet up finishes
9:01 PM Second round if you're up for it!