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Wed, Mar 11
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Hongdae Terrace
서교동 327-45 2 Floor
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Event Timeline
  • 7:00 PM
    Enter, self introductions!
  • 8:00 PM
    Games, topics, and conversation
  • 9:00 PM
    French meetup finishes, you may join the social meetup for free.
  • Any 2 drinks on the menu (there is wine!)
  • 2 hour meetup hosted by Chloé
  • Chance to speak French & learn more about France
  • 2 hour social meetup following this event
  • Meet people who are interested in French/speak French


Short summary:

Bonjour tout le monde ! 

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to France? Being able to hold a discussion in French? Being introduced to various things about French culture more than just Eiffel Tower & Paris Baguette? If yes, well, this meetup is for you! 


*Please pre-book this event.


More details:

One day per week, let’s spend two hours together talking about French culture and language. During these two hours, we will have a little break from our routine to meet up with friends in a café, as many French people like to do after work. No pressure during these two hours, just a simple moment to speak French & talk about French culture. 


Each week, the meet up will be different: different topics, different games, different jokes, but the same kind, atmosphere will be there every time.

The host will be there so that everything goes well and everyone feels in their place (and to avoid annoying silences). 


Who would benefit from this meetup?:

Anyone who are interested in French language & culture (yes, even if you only know «Bonjour, comment ça va ?»). The meet up will be essentially in French but English, Korean or other languages are not forbidden. If you want to talk about a particular subject, don't hesitate to send me a message so that I can add it to the daily schedule!

It’s also open to French people if they want to share about their culture & meet people who are interested in French culture!


What to expect?

When you enter the cafe, our staff will greet you. We’ll check you in and guide you to the host’s Table. You’ll meet everyone and you’ll start talking about the topic. It’s very comfortable and casual. A lot of people worry for no reason before going! Just relax, join, meet new friends, learn about France and French language and enjoy yourself :) 


A little bit about The Host:

Passionate about everything and anything, I like to share my passions and learn new things. I really hope I can teach you new stuff about France and French, allow you to have a good time and help you to make new friends!

If you leave this meet-up with more French & happiness in your head, my goal will be accomplished!

À bientôt !

Must book by: 6:30 PM

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Howe Leigh
Howe Leigh

Great host and ambience helped a lot with my French and a lot of friendly people. Conversations are always fluid


Hyper cool

Howe Leigh
Howe Leigh

Great as usual

Howe Leigh
Howe Leigh

Great time had there!


Bonne réunion!


Bonne journée


It was formidable!

Howe Leigh
Howe Leigh

Great meeting fully enjoyed it

Howe Leigh
Howe Leigh

Great meeting


처음으로 참여했는데 어색하지않았고 모두 프랑스어를 잘 하는 분들이 오셔서 많이 배웠어요. 또 갈게요:)

Jiseong Kim
Jiseong Kim

Mon premier temps au le meeting, c’était super et j’espère j’ai pouvais parler Français mieux, alors je peux comprendre tous le monde!


오랜만에 홍대 gsm을 오게되서 기분이 좋았습니다.