Event Details

Mon, Feb 17
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Hongdae Terrace
서교동 327-45 2 Floor
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Event Timeline
  • 7:00 PM
    Cafe opens, Guests enter
  • 8:00 PM
    First Table Rotation and Lottery
  • 9:00 PM
    Second Table Rotation and Lottery
  • 10:00 PM
    Free Socializing
  • 11:00 PM
    Event finishes
  • Any 2 drinks from our menu (cafe, bar menu)
  • 2 table seating rotations
  • Lottery Prize giveaway
  • 4 hour language exchange
  • Can meet 30 - 60 people
  • No parking


?What is this?
Welcome to our language exchange where you can meet other locals and foreigners. It’s a casual, friendly experience where you can practice your target language while making new friends. Imagine a bustling cafe except everyone there has come to meet each other.
About 30 - 70 people join every day. We offer English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and many other languages and social meetups throughout the week. You can see more at our events page. The meetup is hosted at GSM Terrace, which is a cafe and pub designed for hosting meetups around language and socializing.
?Who joins? People in their 20’s and 30’s join. You don’t have to be fluent in your target language. There are beginner - advanced tables. Typically, about 70% of guests are Korean and 30% are internationals
?How can I join?
After making your booking, just drop in and join! You can come alone or with friends. Coming late is okay. Let us know you’re coming here.
?Most common questions:
My Target language level is low. Can I still join?  No problem! All levels are welcome.
Can I come late? Yes! No problem. Come any time and leave any time. It’s very flexible.
How can I join? Just make a booking here, show up, and we’ll show you everything you need to do.
?What makes our language exchange different from other groups? We have...
✔️Our Own space: The space, the staff, the menu, and all of our choices are for making better meetups. We host multiple meetups every day.
✔️Staff who care: There will always be someone at the front door to greet, and guide you and take feedback, complaints or compliments ;)
✔️A matching system: Our software matches the tables with the best possible arrangement of people.
✔️Individualized content: Upon arrival, or when registering online, our system will recommend content based on your target language, level and interests.
✔️Table rotations: Every hour we rotate the tables so you can meet new people and spark up new conversations.
✔️Rewards: The more you come, the more points you earn.
✔️Standards: We only accept positive, people who make the language exchange better. If one person receives 3 separate complaints, they will be asked to leave from all our events. File a complaint here.
✔️Consistency: We are open 365 days a year and always full!
Must book by: 6:30 PM

In the last 6 months, an average of 5 people join this event. People come from facebook, naver, google and word of mouth.

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My student seems to know a lot already. So i tried to have conversation only in Korean and tried to teach Korean slangs and little pronunciation tips. I hope my class was helpful to him.

Ian Kresky
Ian Kresky

Loved yujins class!


good start , I really liked it


It was so much fun and comfortablemplave to talk over a cu0 of coffee and a drink as well.


This circle was really interested and you can get amazing exprience.

Jae Yoo
Jae Yoo

Good and would come back

Jae Yoo
Jae Yoo

Awesome meeting


똑똑한 학생을 만나서 새로운 어휘와 문법형태를 알려주는 재미가 있었어요!!!^^


Fun time with fun people


The evening was pretty good. Nothing too unusual. Nice people. Interesting stories.

Kevin Lim
Kevin Lim

Very good! It was my first time ever, everybody was super nice and very talkative, even though I went there alone, I talked a lot and met a lot of people, I just moved to Seoul and I can definitely recommend this! Everybody really comes to the event with an open mind, this is awesome for meeting new people!