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Sun, Sep 20
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Gangam Terrace
논현동 164-14 3 Floor
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Event Timeline
  • 7:00 PM
    French speaking starts
  • 8:00 PM
    switch to Korean
  • 9:00 PM
    Meetup finishes, social meetup begins
  • 11:00 PM
    Social Meetup finishes
  • 2 drinks
  • 2 hour French meetup
  • Hosted by Lucile
  • Social meetup after French meetup


Bonjour à tous!

Cet échange linguistique permettra aux personnes coréennes voulant apprendre le Français d'avoir la chance de le pratiquer avec des Français natifs! Également, les participants français auront la chance de pratiquer leur Coréen au cours de la seconde heure! Tout le monde est bienvenu, Français comme Coréens, pour s'entraider et apprendre ensembles!

This is a language exchange meeting for Korean people who are willing to learn and practice French, and for French people willing to improve their Korean skills. We will help each other so that everybody can learn confidently in a happy atmosphere!

We will focus on practicing French on the first hour, and I want to let you know that even if you are a beginner, you are welcome to join! We are here to help each other! We will talk about a different subject everytime so that you will have the chance to diversify your vocabulary. I will come up with a few open questions so that everyone will have a chance to practice and share their thinking/ experiences, no one will be left aside!

Also, French people are more than welcome to join! Along with me, you will help the korean participants to practice their french in the first hour, and in order to maintain a win-win mindset, you will be given the chance to practice your korean conversational skills on the 2nd hour.

It is all about helping each other out!

I came to Seoul last September, in order to discover more about the culture of this country that I already loved, and to learn Korean. That's when I realised that listening and practicing are the key points to improve our language skills, so here we are! Also, being here in Korea is an opportunity for me to meet people whom I would never have the chance to cross paths with otherwise, so I really hope to see you there soon!


My name is Lucile and I am French, I used to be a Cabin Crew in Dubai before coming to Korea, so I had the chance to travel and discover a lot of different cultures and learn a lot from it. After 5 years of flying, I decided to take a rest and do something that I really wanted to: experience life in Korea. And so far I am not regretting it!

Must book by: 6:30 PM

In the last 6 months, an average of 12 people join this event. People come from facebook, naver, google and word of mouth.

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It was a great learning experience


It was cool I will come again

Hwang Daehyun
Hwang Daehyun

Mercy boucoup Lucille o mon amis Fantastico magnifique Franscois class..... On y va...... A biento....


루씰은 언제나 친절하게 프랑스어를 가르쳐줍니다. 초보자,중급자 상관없이 늘 열정적인 모습에 박수를 짝짝짝


재밌고 친절하게 잘 알려줘요~

keeyoon kang
keeyoon kang

Everyone was really nice and easy to talk to. A nice atmosphere. Just wish the different groups weren't so close together because it got too loud to hear well. It'd be great if we could be spaced apart more.


Elle est très sympathique et patiente

Charlotte 샬롯
Charlotte 샬롯

Lucile is really a super host and if you have some difficulty with french, she will really try to help you