International Pub Party

Fri, May 29th | 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Event Details

Fri, May 29
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Gangam Terrace
논현동 164-14 3 Floor
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Event Timeline
  • 7:00 PM
    Guests enter
  • 8:00 PM
    Peak Time
  • 9:00 PM
    Free Socializing
  • 10:00 PM
    Special event begins
  • Any 2 drinks from our menu (cafe, bar menu)
  • 3 hour International Pub Party
  • Can meet 100 - 200 people
  • Entry into special event which starts at 10pm
  • No parking


What Is This?




Welcome to our International Pub Party! Every Friday and Saturday night, we host a big party for all of our travelers, expats, locals, students, teachers and anybody else who wants to come along. We’re happy to be able to say that we have our own space, meaning that every single person you’ll meet in one of our parties is primed to become your new best friend!


It’s a huge event that has really taken off since we started launching it. The party itself brings in around 200 people every Friday and Saturday night. Whether you’re a traveler, a local, or an experienced expat who knows all about life in Korea, you’re welcome to come along, meet up with old friends or new pals, and let loose.


Every Friday and Saturday night we have special performances & drink specials at some point between 9 and 11pm. The exact times vary depending on the evening, so make sure to check in beforehand and get all the information you’ll need to have a whale of a time. It’s the ideal place to practice all of the Korean you’ve learned throughout the week, as well as a perfect chance to learn to party the way the Koreans do.


What Can I Expect at the Party?




Every single pub party we host is a fantastically good time, so above all you can expect to have a ton of fun. There’s always plenty of conversation, about anything under the sun, and with so many people turning up to each event there’s no end of new people to meet and connect with.


Whether it’s sharing tips about the best Korean BBQ place in Gangnam, or whether it’s just a chance to blow off some steam and marvel at the delicious food and drinks specials available on the night, our international pub parties promise something for everybody. The pub parties are a great chance to get yourself warmed up for a big night out at the club (see below for more information), but they also work as a standalone night out if you’d rather hang out with new people and make some new friends.




Generally people tend to be seated throughout the evening, but you can feel free to move around and visit other tables. Koreans are an especially friendly bunch — just like the travellers and expats who flock to the nation — so you can count on being made to feel welcome at any table, whether you already know everybody sitting there or whether they’re complete strangers. It’s a fun, safe, and friendly International environment, and you’ll be presented with the opportunity to meet like-minded people from all over the world. What could be better?


At our Gangnam location the pub parties tend to get very busy, and it’s not uncommon for some of the participants to get up and throw in some impromptu dancing, all of which is facilitated by the fun-loving, easy-going staff members. Beer pong and darts games are par for the course, while we’ve also been known to throw special themed events every weekend, so it never gets dull. 


Who Turns Up?




The types of people who turn up to our pub parties tend to be your working professionals, teachers, students, and travellers. We typically get around 30% foreigners and 70% local Koreans, which is the perfect balance for injecting a bit of global culture into the party while maintaining a specifically Korean focus. No matter whether you’re trying to forge new local friendships or make connections with foreigners from all four corners of the Earth, you’ll find what you’re looking for at our pub party events. 






Korea is world-famous as one of the party capitals of the planet, with some of the most amazing clubs to be found anywhere situated within the vicinity of our dedicated event locations. Keeping that in mind, we’re delighted to be able to offer free entry into some amazing nightclubs if you join one of our parties. We like to change up the clubs that offer free entry from time to time in order to keep it all fresh. Register now for the exact details!


How Can I Join?




Joining one of our parties couldn’t be simpler. Simply turn up in the right place at the right time. Whether you’d like to come on your own or with friends — and whether you prefer being the first person there or rocking up fashionably late — everything goes! Prebook your attendance online in order to take advantage of some great savings.


Show up and get down at one of our international pub parties: guaranteed to be a night to remember!



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In the last 6 months, an average of 98 people join this event. People come from facebook, naver, google and word of mouth.

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Benedict Lee
Benedict Lee

재미있었어요. 추천합니다


Totally lik it


테이블에 누가있냐에 따라 분위기가 많이 달라져요~


코로나에도 불구하고 오셔서 재밌게 놀 수있어서 좋았어요


Everything was fine~ it was nice to talk


Everything was cool




There were many people and it was nice to talk. But just a few female friends haha(kinda minus lol)


야무진 시간이였습니다

Junghyun (Katherine) Min
Junghyun (Katherine) Min

재밌고 유익했어요~!


I was worried yesterday was my first time. It was a very pleasant meeting because the members were so nice to me.