Upper Beginner English language exchange with Leo!


Upper Beginner English language exchange with Leo!

Event Details

  • Feb 24th, Mon
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Gangnam Terrace
    논현동 164-14 3 Floor

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  • Any 2 drinks on the menu
  • 2 hour meetup hosted by Leo
  • Chance to speak English & Korean with 5 - 10 others
  • 2 hour social meetup following this event


Leo H

Host: Leo H


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What is this?
Hello!! This is a meetup where you can practice some English and Korean. This is a very supportive meetup where the first goal is to hangout and make friends, and the second goal is to improve your English and Korean.
Tell me more!
This meetup is very casual. Just imagine catching up with friends over a beer in a pub. As host, I'd really like to use this opportunity to dive into Korean culture, and you could be my guide :)
I'd love to hear about your interests, your hobbies, and I'm a very outgoing guy so I'm gonna end up asking a lot of questions. Also I'll prepare a few topics so we can discuss about food culture, fashion, society, international cultures and much more.. As a result, we all learn a lot about each other!
Who would like this meetup??
If you're worried about your English or Korean level, please don't! We welcome any level, you could be silent the whole time and I'll still find a way to get to know something about you :)
Instead, if you already know English very well, no problem, I'll be asking you about Korean culture even more :)  The purpose is to gather like minded people and chat, share and learn from one another.
About the host?
Hi there! My name is Leo and I’m really happy you’re here. I came to Korea all the way from Italy and I just been here 4 months, I'm very new to this beautiful country so I need some help to find out more about it. I'm studying Korean every morning and making delicious pizza every night. 
When you get to the meet up look for a long hair handsome Italian boy, and don't worry if I'll hug you right away, that's what Italians do :)
Hope to see you there! 나중에 봐요!! 


Gangnam Terrace
논현동 164-14 3 Floor

Event Timeline

Time? What?
7:00 PM Enter, introductions, start topic
8:00 PM Free talking
9:00 PM Meetup finishes
10:00 PM Free entry into the social meetup
11:00 PM Social Meetup finishes