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The language app that really improves your speaking.

Get the most out of your conversations with Native Speakers. For free.

Voice Correction Tools

Learn from your mistakes with precious voice corrections. There's no better way to improve your speaking.

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Instantly Connect

Connect with native speakers on voice calls at the touch of a button. It couldn't be more convienent.

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Stop Searching. Get Matched.

The more you call, the better we can match you. Don’t screen hundreds of profiles!

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Belong to a Group

Invite your favorite people to online meetups. Support each other and earn rewards.

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How does it work?

Just focus on speaking, we'll do the rest!

1. Get Matched

Click ‘call’ and get matched in seconds with a native speaker. The more calls you’ve completed, the better we can match you to an ideal language partner.

2. Speak Out

Have fun while speaking with your partner. Tap the screen to bookmark any important moments. You can review bookmarks later.

3. Help Each Other

Earn rewards by adding voice corrections for your partner. From every call you’ll get precious feedback.

What are users saying?

Don't just take our word for it. Listen to what our thousands of beta testers are saying!

It's an easy and convenient way to meet new people and practice your listening and speaking skills! I was a little bit nervous in the beginning, but it becomes easy very quickly. Strongly recommended

Amarachi Nkechi


I had a fun time meeting new people. We talked and laughed about so many things. I was kind of nervous in the beginning but everyone made everything so comfortable it felt like I was meeting my long-time friends. Can't wait to join again!

Steven Chae


Speaking club was super fun to participate in! The host and all the participants were super nice and encouraging to speak more! I signed up for all the speaking clubs until the end of summer :)

Monica Böttger



Frequently Asked Questions

Hilokal is a language exchange app. It allows you to connect with native speakers with the click of a button. Hilokal began as an offline language exchange with thousands of members joining meetups every month. Now, with the help of technology, we can bring our community to the world.

Hilokal is designed for any language learner who wants to improve or help others improve. It is a community based on positivity so cynics might not fit in here. There are students, workers, travellers, and any other group of people that want to learn language. There are no restrictions other than you must be over the age of 15.

Simply set your filters, press ‘call’ and get connected with others who want to practice your chosen language. During your call, you can book mark important moments by tapping the screen. After your call you can provide useful voice corrections for your partner. Your partner will do the same for you! This is the best way to improve your speaking skills.

What are you waiting for?

Get the most out of your conversations with Native Speakers. For free.

💌 Invitation Code: HILOKAL